On a personal high


So yesterday evening I somehow found myself at the Dunamis International Gospel Centre. And after all said and done I can't but stand with Karl Marx that religion is the opium of the masses. It's a really strong drug that mammoth of Nigerians are addicted to. A drug which in itself does nothing for the society but to take the inhaler on a personal high. It's a drug people go to extremes to get their daily dosage of, even if it means shoving and fighting each other to get into the auditorium. People just want to be "in his presence", sing, speak in tongues and shit. And when service is over it's back to the rat race. Government workers, politicians and everybody else shortchanging the system, yet still wondering why Nigeria's not working, and playing the American Visa Lottery like our lives depended on it.

Nigeria we truly hail thee!

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I gave up on religion years ago, especially the naija variety. Even within my own family I see others supplicate to the almighty, yet barely out of the Temple, they resort to pure greed and wickedness. I often wonder what it is these people actually pray for or about. It's like the godlier we become the more corrupt.

Jesus needs to come now and clear the Temple

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