Seven things I’m grateful for in 2004



Everybody’s talking about the best this and that of 2004 and New Year resolutions. So here’s my own best of 2004. In this case the best (seven in number) things/happenings in my life that I’m grateful for in 2004.

My Blog

Also know as a weblog, a blog for the uninitiated, is a popular and fairly personal content form on the Internet. A person’s Web log is almost like an open diary. It chronicles what a person wants to share with the world on an almost daily basis. The activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger". And starting my own (and it being enjoyed by its readers) was definitely one of my highs of 2004. Being a cyber freak since 2001 and having kept a diary since I was 10, moving over to the internet and blogging is something I can really relate to. It’s a hobby I really enjoy and it sure has built up my journalistic intellect. Big up to other bloggers out there. After all we are ABC News People of the Year for 2004.

Getting my handset and mobile line

For sure it’s the GSM age in Nigeria. And owning a GSM line is a must if one is to call oneself a correct guy/chick in Naija. Ha ha whatever. So getting my own line and handset in April sure was a wonderful moment for me. Now I can handle my own biz personally, talk less of advanced communication and pimping. I’m sure y’all love birds can relate with me on the wonders of text messages and late night calls.

Big Flexing

It’s Jay-Z who said in one of his songs that he was big pimping. Well in my case in 2004 I was big flexing. By flexing I mean I partied big and I really enjoyed myself socially. Thank you Jesus (smiles). My policy was to be happy as much as possible 24-7. So I kept positive and tried to enjoy each moment with friends. With the girls it was something else. In 2004 I had my first real relationship which lasted about two months, and I got miself some really close girlfriends. And not girlfriends as in relationships but having girls as my real tight buddies the way two guys could be best friends. And somehow I relished seeing the girls over and over again trusting me and feeling secure in my presence (ask girls, most of em will tell you they prefer close buddies of the opposite sex than the same sex. Ain’t the same with guys though). Funny huh? Some times I ask myself if I’m sick or trying to over do things to get over some inner fears. Whatever, it’s the opposite attract, the power of the P-U-S-S-Y according to Kels, Jay and Devin.

Meeting my Hip hop idols

Yep 2004 was the year I witness two of my biggest Hip hop idols perform live. DMX in January and 50Cent in December. Both events where electrifying and will live on in my memory for years to come. There’s something about finally meeting someone you really admire. After the encounter it’s like your life will never be the same again. Ask Bill Clinton; he’ll tell you about his encounter in his youth with the then US president John F. Kennedy.

My ride

There sure is nothing better than cruising/rolling down the street with your ride on a beautiful day, with your windows down and getting admiring stares from passers by. And that’s what I experienced big time in 2004. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I leant to drive in 2004; instead 2004 was the year I finally got unlimited ride access from my mum after months of battling. And man have I had good moments with my Toyota. Funny abi? Well that’s life you know, one man’s meat is another man’s garri (smiles). So am a continue riding and keep my eyes on the ultimate: the Peugeot 307. I must ride that car or die!

Quitting UNN

Quitting? Well more like graduating from UNN (University of Nigeria Nsukka. I still got shit to tidy up though, damn!). I sure am grateful to God for achieving that in 2004. After all the stress…and fun of university life, it feels good to be finally through with the system. Although for real I still miss campus life. Well I gotta suck it all up and move on. Next step is the NYSC and making my own dough. How scary can it get? I’ve always had one saying: you never know you’re a man till you feed and take care of yourself for a week with YOUR OWN SWEAT. God help us all!

My body

It ain’t as if I’m Right Said Fred singing: “I’m too sexy for my body”. But like him I was some what pleased with my body…looks in 2004. It’s like my gyming finally paid off. It’s not as if I got a 50 Cent type body, but I think I got an above average physique for a guy. Still I gotta wake my lazy ass up and keep lifting them rods. Also I changed my hair style early this year. I kept it low like Lloyd Banks. Sorry Wyclef, the Nigerian environment couldn’t allow me keep it Rasta. But I’ll definitely try it again someday.

So what of you what were your own highs of 2004? Moving over to new year resolutions I can’t say what all mine are (cos some are…too personal to…whatever) but my new year resolution sure does read it part : to start replying my emails in time. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

We..."I" love to blog! after all we (bloggers) are ABC News' People of the Year for 2004.