Rehab Diaries



Someone once said "cherish all of your memories for they are the experiences that mould you”. And rightly so I’ve always been one for mementos; keeping a journal of key dates on my route to recovery post my car accident of July 15th. Glancing at the run down I’m ultimately filled with gratitude and just thought to share. Everyone’s rehab is not the same but this might just come in handy for someone someday.

A-July 15th 2012. Driving a Mitsubishi L200 pick-up truck I survived a head on collision road accident with an empty tank truck. The fallouts were a comminuted fracture in the mid segment of my right femur (thigh bone), a transverse fracture around my left ulna (left wrist) and sixth nerve palsy in my left eye.

B-July 19th 2012. Had surgeries for my fractures. Intramedullary rod inserted into the femur and external fixation done for the wrist.

C-August 2nd 2012. External fixation removed from the wrist and replaced with orthopedic cast (plaster of paris cast…POP).

D-August 6th 2012. Discharged from the hospital in a wheel chair as my left wrist was too weak to use crutches.

E-September 10th 2012. Orthopedic cast (POP) removed.

F-September 17th 2012. CT scan of the head done and first appointment with an Ophthalmologist. Siddon look approach adopted for the eye.

G-September 19th 2012. Started noticing greater flexibility in my left wrist. I.e.: started feeling like I had two hands again.

H-October 19th 2012. Dumped the wheelchair and started using crutches. Injured right leg suspended and hopping on the good left leg.

I-October 21st 2012. Confirmed the sixth nerve palsy 95% gone and vision almost back to normal.

J-November 17th 2012. Stopped hopping on crutches and started partial weight bearing on my right foot.

K-December 7th 2012. 3 days post first physiotherapy session. Started using only a single crutch.

L-December 14th 2012. Dropped crutches all together and started walking unaided; though limping.

I now hope to stop limping in the coming weeks as the muscles in the right leg strengthen. So a time cap would be that recovery took six months. But complete recovery with running and a return to full physical fitness post the accident usually takes anywhere between 12 to 18 months. Insha Allah 2013 is definitely the year for me though. Peace and be inspired!

December 9th 2012. Feeling on the sexy steering; first test drive since my accident.

M-January 6th 2013. Right leg started feeling normal again, limping drastically reduced and mobility almost as before.