Omo no think am!

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I’ve been being shuffling/reediting my posts of recent. The first two comments of this post are testament to that. But any which ways no think am, just enjoy the writing.

Dey don mark am say we go make am
Papa God don sign am say we do am
Na my destiny, so make you no think am

Have you heard that song? It might be rhymeless and might be the latest hit by a fluke-one hit wonder-Lagos ghetto boy but I sure am feeling it.

It has been declared that we’ll make it in life
God himself has signed It that we’ll succeed
It’s my destiny so don’t even think about stopping my progress

Was feeling iree yesterday so I copped four albums. Dare Art Alade’s “from me 2 u”, Paul Play Dairo’s “hitsville”, Sound Sultan’s “the compulsory text-book” and Rymzo de Gusto’s “mysterious”. Oophs, they’re all Lagos based artist, anyways good music is good music. But I’m still waiting on a tight “rap” Nigerian album, I’ve seen no one worth coping yet (I’ve been meaning to buy El Dee of the Trybesmen’s album, but I can’t seem to find it). So is it a case of no one keeping it real rap-wise again, poor marketing or maybe I’m not checking the right music stores? By the way I recorded a song last week with a bunch of guys. But I haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy. When I do I’ll upload it. Watch this space for follow ups.

The WorldCup starts today! But the problem is that the power situation in Abuja is at its all time worst. PHCN are so fucking unpredictable, they seize the power almost every day for at least five hours. Some years back we were really living it up in AMAC (Abuja Municipal Area Council) but now I’m sorry to say I enjoy more power at UNN than I do here. Kai! Anyways make I no think am, match viewing center na de very place to hit.

I know say you get issues and worse still Naija no go dey WorldCup but no think am, just enjoy the football

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and where exactly do you think you are going to eh? do you realize the World Cup is about to start eh? get back in here and start ...

nah it's all good. well earned break. keep reading

FIFA, functioning under new rules that calls for the expansion of the World Cup pool from 32 to 36 teams, drafted in the four top countries that failed to qualify for the competition: Turkey, Ireland, Nigeria and Cameroon. The move was pushed through by officials eager to see the best quality represented at the showpiece of World Football.

The news was greeted with relief by the selected countries, and there was celebration on the streets of Istanbul, Dublin, Lagos and Yaounde. Irish winger Damien Duff hailed the move, as did Nigerian striker Yakubu Aiyegbeni. "This gives us a chance to show the world how much we've improved," Aiyegbeni said, "I think we could get as far as the semi-finals this time. We're not afraid of Brazil. We're not afraid of anyone." Duff added, "I don't think players like Shay Given and Samuel Eto'o should be missing from the World Cup. FIFA has done the right thing."

And that was when I woke up, that was when I woke up in the darkness of my bedroom, with an empty and sad feeling in my stomach. God damn it. It was just a dream. The World Cup starts in two days and, to be honest, I can't support any team whole-heartedly, or even half-heartedly. Nigeria is not going. It still seems incredible. Say it ain't so. But that's the reality. Nigeria is not going to be at the World Cup. And Togo is. And I can't do shit about that. That shit hurts like hell.

What will I do with myself over the next four years while I wait for our next chance?

yeah, damn PHCN! By the by, na the match viewing centers with bottles of Sparks or Gulder, man! The opening usually has its own life! :P

Enjoy the weekend, pa!

@BJ: :) think am man, i'm a social drinker so it's all good.

no doubt, even though we no make am we must enjoy the football. and support our africa brothers.

Angola yawa yesterday against portugal. a lot of energy and zeal but zero organization. na fluke wey carry dem reach Germany.

paul play is the him love him love him.hw u dey?

Trae I knew that your nicely shaped head will bring you to fame one way or the other. You don check BBC? Na you dey the frontpage for the whole world to see(just kidding).
I think now will be the best time to embrace side-stepping friends and keep the speech clean, cos ur site's gonna have a great influx of visitors.
One luv brother.

I pray at least one African nation reaches the semi. Dem no need to carry cup. Just reach D semi & I'll drink to that.

good looking out man, i've seen the article. peace!

Came here after reading the BBC article, as I suspect many will do over the next few days. Good win for Ghana over the weekend, I hope there's more to come from Africa, as this has been a pretty bad world cup for us !!

15 years later.