Modenine's "Malcolm ix" album review



Hype does one thing: it makes u wanna see what all the noise is about. and that's what happened with Modenine and I. I’ve heard peeps be like "this nigga is the shit in Nigerian hardcore hip hop circle". and man after finally listening to his CD (if if u see it: cop it...get it. spread the love) I’m beginning to feel the same way. honestly this rapper is fucking tight. his punch lines and metaphors are one in million. they're very much above what could come to the mind of an average Nigerian MC. no doubt Modenine got me when he said:

I kill paper when I pen punch lines with murder ink/
every cipher in my lyrics makes you scratch ur head and think/I wish I wrote that...
(from "orisuna basement freestyle" track 17)

now who the fuck said that to make it in the Nigerian music scene u must come African and use the local flavour and pidgin English thing? well to me that ain't shit. all that matters is that u come out tight in whatever style u use. and that's what Modenine has done. very unlike most acts out there the self proclaimed lyricist flows largely with a foreign accent and style, plus he swears. true to the hardcore feeling his beats are complex and involve some sampling (sampling is like what Kanye West does when he puts an old school feeling into his tracks. it's a sort of mixing).

my favourite tracks in the album (in descending order) are:

1) head ft Baron and Terry tha Rapman
To me that's one hell of a freak song, just like Snoop Dogg's "don't tell". u should put it on when u wanna fuck (smiles). cool smooth beats with pimping lyrics. check the chorus:

don't lie everybody knows u like (head), so be a cheerful giver/
don't be shy we've all heard about your (head), you look like a brainy diva/

2) elbow room ft Callen
damn I love the orchestral feeling of this song's chorus. added with tight flows by the Ninestein, the song's a hit.

3) small boy
funny song. it's one of the only songs you'll hear Modenine rapping in Pidgin English. but the production is poor. and that's because a rock feeling was added to it to make it different from the original in Modenine's debut: the nine files. u can listen to the original at:

4) 419 state of mind part 2
This song really captures the current phenomenon like Six Foot Plus's "millennium bugging" did in it’s time. all those sick of Nigerian scam emails will relate to this.

5) you can't fuck wit dis
a bounceable-party sort of track. I like the Hausa used at the end. makes we wanna theorize that Hausa is good for hardcore, Igbo for funny songs, and Yoruba for party.

on the critic side I think Nine has got an ego problem. a lot of the tracks on the album were just plain bragging tracks, where he's tryna proclaim his tightness and supremacy. a more mixed themed album might have been better. and Mode why u ain't hola at Six Foot Plus and Callen in the "hola back outro"? just asking though. also some of the beats could have been better along with better production.

on the whole the album's really worth ur time and cash. all em hardcore freaks might be quick to proclaim Modenine Nigeria's Nas.

shit, I can't believe I’m on this track talking about (head)/yo peace I’m out/
(terry tha Rapman in "head")...shit I can't believe I’m on the net talking about (Nine)/yo peace I’m out/

Stanclef might be Modenine's number one fan, but I’m a sucker for Terry...I don dey kolo oh!

Modenine. Call him a rapper or an MC and he’ll tell u that he’s a lyricist

My life in UNN (University of Nigeria, Nsukka)



University life (especially in Nigeria) is always very stressful. But nevertheless it's been good to me. And it feels great to be finally coming out. So I’m all gay and in the mood of toasting to success, while playing Kanye’s “Last call” in the background. While reading this, pop a bottle and get crunked with me. The bill’s on me (grins). Now prepare for a synopsis (smiles, project writing pays you know) on my life in the university (University of Nigeria Nsukka/UNN).

Finance/Resource Management: I’ve always been a one for all and all for one guy. But entering school very early money wasn’t a problem, as I didn’t socialize much, so didn’t spend much. But now that I can’t sit still I’ve had loads of down periods. But life goes on and somehow in the university I pulled through.

My Religious Life: I went to a seminary secondary school so I guess I had Jah on my mind when entering the university. But as time went on I started loosing my religion. But I still made it to church most of the times and I think I satisfied the NFCS (Nigerian Federation of Catholic Students) slogan: living the faith. Jesus walks man, and I walk with him. Ain’t that right Kanye?

Academics: my pops is a bookworm, my sis: Cle and bro: Ebx too. And so I’m academically tight myself. Graduated best in primary and secondary school, but lack of concentration and my last minute jacking culture did at the end get the best of me in my course: Economics/Political Science. Especially in Economics with all the maths involved. But anyways am a still cross that line even if it’s with a second class lower. I got plans for a second degree in computer science and this time I swear on Einstein’s grave (smiles) am a hit it big. Thank God age is very much on my side.

Student Union Politics: student union politics like Nigerian politics sure does stink. We got so many idiots coming out for elections who don’t know what the fuck is really expected of them. Most of them peeps just got ego problems. I guess we all wanna be big. I never was into politics on campus. The only post I held was as the Director of Socials in my town’s students union, and man was I good. I long for the day Nigerian and student union politics will be developed to the point coming out for elections demands so much of one character wise. Our politicians just gotta be sharp like the likes of Bush, Blair and John Kerry.

UNN as an Institution: man it ain’t no joke when peeps say UNN is living on it’s past glory. True to poor maintenance and management being our problem in Nigeria: UNN stinks! Well may be lack of finance is a cause. That’s why I do respect UNN first class products for sticking through all the shit and graduating well. It ain’t easy man.

My Social and Love Life: entering school very early (I’m the youngest in my class) I was socially fucked at first. But being a “soji guy” I finally came out on top and running things. Flexing in the Lion's den sure was worth the experience. With all the shows, parties and bonfires etc. And from flats and behind flats, to beach And Carolina, all Nsukka hotels and hot spots, Jives, Franco Republic and environs, up school Female and male hostels, SUB and environs, PAA, Arts Theater, CEC, Social Science Quadrangle, freedom square, hill top, Odim gate etc, UNN did really bubble. When I’m doing my thing: I keep it real. I picked up rapping while in the university and excelled to the point that my song was at one time a regular spin on campus radio. I got quite popular with it. Now I consider myself slicker than your average (Craig Davidly speaking you know, if you’re a girl anyway). One word on relationships: girl who demand so much of their guys financially are crazy. You’re both still dependent so be real. Also for guys: getting a girl ain’t all about money. It’s more about making her trust you and enjoy your company. Take me as an example; “I’m still slick with 50 kobo/I guess I’m the original shine shine bobo/” (smiles). Friends are life and life is friends, Love makes the world go round. You heard!

Life after University: on the real man I got cold feet about it. You know putting what you studied into practice and through it fending for yourself. But anyways it couldn’t be worse. Jah lives so it’s gon’ be alright. You got my back anyway, don’t you?

I finally participated in Rag my final year!!!

School dey hot, I no fit shout/and so I blog and this comes out/


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Yep this post in August is meant to AUGment your life. From the post title apologies to all UNN good image advocates, but for real my school’s quite hot right now. We got a high level of handset theft going on in the nighttime. And it’s a pity that our school security is pretty helpless in this regard. One advice, if u consider ur handset ur buddy just like I do, u’ll do well to strap the shit up tight!

On the social side, cos we all gots to jive to survive. I had some pretty remarkable times this past month. One of em was at my class final year dinner and award nite. Man was it fun after coming through this past four years together. On the real am a miss u guys when we’re finally through. Another of em was at a gospel show on campus. Minus the DMX show I attended earlier this year I’ve never seen an audience so lively and worked up at a show. Dem gospel peeps sure know how to work it for Jesus. It just beats me dat in their dance there ain’t no touching involved. I wonder what Sasha in Sean Paul’s "I’m still in love with you" video would think of that. anyway I know what I think of Maura. A girl I met/friend I made recently. She the intellectual kind, writes poetry and novels and is a presenter on air at our campus radio station. Peep what I wrote for her below, finished it in 30 minutes. Quite impressive right? Considering that I’ve not written much rap wise in the past three months.

Concerning thee
Written for Maura_Dawn (Maureen Uwem Akpan)
5th August, 2004

so here’s what’s up concerning thee
after much we finally meet
all this while I’ve been on my feet
cos with you I’ve longed to speak
first I saw you at the CAST
you was cool my test you passed
but I couldn’t make a pass
had exams by quarter past
took your add, twas on your pen
mailed your ass, every now and then
but you was all: “na Jesus”…end
I was like I’ll get you man
Back in school I saw you more
Took it cool I just explored
To the point I was like “jo”
TRAE go flow, go open door
Now I’ve finally done the shit
I’ve known you. I’m loving it
Like your style, I must admit
I just hope that it’s a hit

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