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Two days back Ore was talking about information overload well for me I think it’s definitely music overload. I mean everybody’s dropping dope tracks. Dare Art-Alade (I can so relate with his “escalade” song…the things we do for girls. On the other hand my friend told me: “o boy kill the love shit, make your money first, the girls will always be there. It’s kind of true considering the fact that there’s no romance without finance), El Dee, Sound Sultan, Paul Play Dairo etc. So who are we going to listen to? The funny thing is that despite all this popularity most of our artists barely manage to survive. It's hard out here for a pimp...I mean for Nigerian musicians. And it’s all because we ain’t got the super rich and powerful record companies over here. In the States if you’ve got talent you’re signed (or if it’s mass appeal you’re still signed but provided with ghost writers). They’ll hit you with more money than you can spend; all you now have to do is concentrate on the music. They’ll take care of the rest: promotion, sales, welfare etc. but in Naija in most cases one person is the artist, manager, promoter, distributor at the same time. You’re survival depends on the number of shows you can rock. The ones who make it big have tight schedules: Lagos today, Abuja tomorrow, Port Harcourt at the weekend and a tour of the States or Europe to perform at that big Nigerian function next week. You’re seeing 2face, Styl Plus and PSquare everywhere abi? They’re the privileged few.

Since it’s all about me/I just bought me a V/this is TRAE to the zee/phone number number three/. That’s the text I sent out to some of my peeps to tell em I just got a V-Mobile line. Glo hooked me with their sms, V-Mobile with their voicemail, MTN with their...i don't know. It was the only option as at the time I bought it. It's gone now though. Least I forget our favourite GSM e-zine is back! More power to Sagai J. Adam.

It’s really kind of funny the hatred some people can have for you. If I was a Nigerian politician I’d say my life is in danger as the dynamic duo of Nubiansoul and Sokari want to assassinate me :) ... assassinate my character. In another way it’s kind of shocking. It's like an evil dictator versus activist scenario, where the activist goes to any length to see to the evil dictator’s downfall. Damn ma, agreed I have my short comings (but who doesn’t) but if you really get to know me you'll see that in truth I’m the harmless simple version of the mister nice guy brand (not to be confused with nice guy syndrome oh). Abeg live and let live jare. Thanks.

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yup the privileged few. even over here it's a tough market (for hiphop, rnb and other black music). only the rock kids and americans have it easy.

omo,the thing hard ooo!!!as in Naija music,but if yo bizness sense aight maybe yu'll be lucky

hey Trae. I really don't want to get involved in your fight, but I have got to tell you a few things. Even though you say the post about lesbos etc. wasn't meant to hurt anyone, well it did, and your actions afterwards didn't make things better. As someone who has been called "faggot" before presumably in jest, let me tell you that it isn't cute, talkless of stuff about "that lesbian shit" or "dick-whipping". Your words have been hurtful, whether you intended it that way or not.

My advice to you is to leave those women alone. I can't tell you what to post on your blog, it is your blog afterwards...but leaving comments on their blogs or emailing them even though it is clear they want nothing to do with you, is harrassment, whether that is your intent or not. If you really want the drama to end, leave them alone, don't talk about them on other people's blogs, etc. Just let it go.

@ everchange: the way you spit it out it's like i'm the bad guy, the one at fault for everything. sokari started the whole thing by abusing me on her blog (see the last paragraph...fact is her accusations don't hold water) and soul has been ever ready to drop paragraphs against me wherever...anyways like you said i'm letting it go. it's all good.

quit d beefs already, it's not sooo fly! :D

Have a gre8 week!

been into a lot of music genres and a few forums. getting signed even in america (also as a rock band) aint easy. even the most talented don't get the best deals (look at canibus and missy).
on the other range, these women bloggers dey vex oh. i only just noticed that assasination attempt on my character. anyhow, i've learned not to get into arguments with women (especially angry and lonely women) because they can never agree. how body?


I have no intention of starting drama on your blog...LOL! But the above comment by c0dec has me quite annoyed so I just had to respond.

@c0dec, I take affront at your suggestion that "these women bloggers dey vex". Maybe you are not aware of how the written word comes across, but you sound condescending and patronising. If a blogger takes issue with you and she just so happens to be a woman, how does that translate to women bloggers vexing?

What puts you in a position to judge whether people are lonely and angry or not? If you post your views on the interne and someone happens to find them distasteful, then they are entitled to say so. This does not make them harpies. I would carry on but that would involve making assumptions of my own about you and I have no desire to fall into that little trap, so I will just finish by saying that you should try to see the blogger in question as a person first and foremost before bring up the fact that she is a woman. We deserve that much.

yo monef no vex abeg ;)
i think you're misunderstanding the context of that sentence - “these women bloggers dey vex oh”. if you've been in 9ja long enough (no offense abeg), i actually meant these women are hyper these days plus a smiley or something like that - trae will understand.
another thing is i never insulted or labeled anyone. the assasins were female bloggers :) i simply stated my views but the volatile woman got angry for some reason and decided it was best i die. maybe i should use more smileys. thanks anyway. my apologies to whoever i've annoyed anyway and one more thing, no vex abeg oh :) :) :) :)

Smileys duly noted