A letter to my younger self


Many Nigerian bloggers have been on this “A letter to my younger self” stuff and I must admit, I like it! The basic idea is like this: "If you could write a note of advice to the girl or boy you were back then, with all the benefits of wisdom and experience you have now…what would you say?”. Well here’s what I would say.

Dear younger self,

It’s a beautiful thing to be alive, congrats. But the thing is that it passes by fast and you only get one chance at it; thus you have to make the most out of it. I write to help you out, to help you correct parts of our history which when you grow up to be me you just might not like.

1) Be studious, read your books, be a book worm. Read, read, read and read till you drop dead. Accept nothing less than a B in your courses. If you don’t understand something don’t be shy to ask for help from more knowledgeable people. Avoid procrastination and laziness; it’s good to be intelligent; in the long run it will really benefit you.

2) You'll be growing up in a temptatious world and it could be hard for you to overcome. If you must fall, know that there are chicks and there are chicks. Some ain’t worth it. Be like a lethal center forward; take all your chances with the classy chicks. Remember that a guy who can’t get some “real koko" is a lonely mo'fucker and can be prone to serious fuck ups. The only other option is to find God and forget bout “gettin’ some” till you’re married.

3) Try and have less embarrassing moments that you'd hate looking back at when you become me. You can do that by trying to be cool always. Learn from older folks and anybody/stuff with experience to share.

4) Stop being selfish and self centered. Be sociable, make more friends and be team player. That way you’ll really enjoy your school life plus it’ll make you an all round better person.

5) Don’t joke with your football. Make sure you are as good on the field as you are with Play Station soccer. That way you’ll live to reap the joys of playing football with the boys when you're older.

6) Make effort to be able to speak Igbo fluently so that you won’t get the chills when you’re amongst your kinsfolk. There is power in being multilingual.

Good luck little man
Your older self

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LMAO @ No. 2 :P

that was a wonderful letter to your self, at times i wonder if i hadnt pushed my self hard at all, what would i have been dreaming of today. Tell other youngerself's and their present self's to always dream about about the older self. jomesli hardin

I so feel the Igbo thing. My arse is useless. Classy centre forward eh? What an analogy.

I was going to do this letter to self thing but i think i'll just jack urs and switch "ibo" to "yoruba". no. 1 is the gospel truth. READ!!!

Hey, thanks for doing this. YOu should have left a link on my blog to let me know you'd done it and a link on yours as to where the idea came from so more people could have participated.

o boy i for write myself ooo,sha the multi lingualpart dats wht got me...i hate my villa cos dey all speakin Igbo and son dont understand isht...i go try learn...trae i got a project comin up i'll fill u in.

men your letter na wa o. it was straight to the point and i felt like i could have learned one or two things from it. i wish i had mad football skills, but some things are just not meant to be.

nice one. peace

men that one go hard o! i'ld need pages to tell my ass what to right. studying will be #1. would have made life easier

i'd tell myself not to study too much and get out more and i so feel you on the number 5.

well said. There are chicks and there are chicks some are not worth it!LOL

This was a good one...

@Pilgrimagetoself: ok ma, i heard you. sorry...thanks

good to know you guys are feeling the "way back" stuff. one!

I really feel the Igbo thingy..For real, thankfully I learnt my yoruba and I am not playing with it eh!

i soooooo agree with the multilingual thing.

Hope camp went well....I guess that's why you've been silent