Here comes the 23rd traeday


I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again: “The average human being has Mondays to Sundays, but for me...everyday is a traeday”. But when you talk of traedays April 17 is prime. Yes I’m turning 23 in ten days time. Kinda early to announce it but hey I don’t post that frequently so better early than never :). But this year I’m indifferent about my birthday. I’m not brooding about getting old and my failures thus far nor am I hyper excited about it. I’m taking it in my stride, its going be like any other day….well sort of sha. And being that there are so many tagging games going on in the Nigerian blogosphere I’m getting with the trend. Yes I’m tagging myself :). TRAE name seven things you’d love to achieve in your 23rd year.

1) Win the lottery and get myself a pimped out handset with all the works (camera, radio, MP3 player, GPRS etc), a laptop to die for and…a nice little car.
2) Be on the come up for real…i.e. commanding a steady monthly income of at least 100k for starters.
3) Get myself a down ass chick. i.e. a girlfriend who’ll always be there whether we’re flying okada (motorcycle) together to the park for a picnic or we’re on the plane together heading to Calabar for the weekend. Yes Rihanna, I’m ready to make you my girl. Holla at your boi!
4) Serve Nigeria and then move on with my life. I.e. undergo the NYSC stuff definitely in the September 2006 batch but if I miss that and end up not killing myself then in the March 2007 batch.
5) Live to see OBJ abort his third term plans and then have worthy presidential aspirants step up to the challenge in the April 2007 elections. You know really sharp and smart people with positive attributes. E.g. NAFDAC’s Director General Dora Akunyili.
6) Be at the stadium for at least one of Nigeria’s qualifying matches for Ghana 2008 dressed in full green white green regalia. If possibly an away match, Uganda versus Nigeria in Kampala would be lovely.
7) Get a verse on one of the hit Nigerian singles in the near future (i.e. being featured or being a guest artist on a song). Or alternatively cutting my teeth in the events management business. Specifically by taking part in organizing a tour, concert or show in Nigeria.

I know all in all I might be dreaming as if I’m to achieve any of my targets it’ll most likely be when I’m past 23, but it never hurt anyone to dream once in a while.

Now back to reality. I’ve being reading Chidi Afulezi’s diary. He’s a US born; Naija bred guy repping Owerri in the USA. Nwannem a nam ekele gi (forgive my written Igbo). The entries in it were made between 1999 and 2000. By today’s standard that was a damn good blog, probably the first ever Nigerian one! He should be like 34 now, possibly with wife and kids and earning them big bucks from his engineering stuff. On the real does anyone know what the brother is up to these days? Is he now writing else where? Anyways I’ll shoot him an email, hopefully he’ll get it.

Sorry to spoil the lovvy dovvy stuff with politics. But it was the best picture available to me as at press time :). Anyways I’m anti-third term. Why? Read the placard. One!

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Happy birthday in advance! Althought you have a 0.00000000000000000000000001 change in winning the lottery i hope you do. :0 I alsp pray for you to achieve all your goals you've set for your 23rd year.

P.S. I love to see OBJ abort that 3rd term. please enough is enough already.

Happy B-Day in advance, bro! Yours is coming earlier than mine! :D U gonna be having a bash or...? :P

And no man, it ain't a bad thing to have dreams! Heck, that's what drives!

Enjoy yo weekend!


Congratulations and happy birthday in advance. You won't win the lottery and please don't kill urself, NYSC will not omit ur name this time.

i wish u all the best o.

happy traeday in advance. is it possible to hold a virtual party?


Wud up homeboy? Happy Bday 2 ya. Keep doing ya thing.

hey buddy youre doing great,happy birthday in advance,count your blessings homeboy and not the bouqui,holla

Happy Bedday in advanced Trae!
Yeah as obi says can we have a virtual party!

happy birthday in advance..wishing u all the best...tots moi

I wish you win the lottery before the 17th 'cos you'll have to throw an Owambe for us & I won't mind coming over to abuja for the bash.

Happy birthday in advance.

Happy birthday Trae...did you win the lottery yet? Is taht why we haven't heard from you in a while? Dude share...don't be stingy!

thanks for the birthday holla people. it ain't as if i'm weak but you know how i is: it sure did mean a lot to me. this year should be good. much peace, love and respect to you. one!