Happy Customer, Happy Bank, Happy Trae


Happy Customer, Happy Bank. Intercontinental Bank PLC’s (IBPLC) slogan.

In the words of Durella “shout alleluia Papa God e don do am”! Yes oh, I’m now more or less a staff of IBPLC! On Monday I along with over 40 others started a 10 week training (Intensive Orientation Programme) at their Garki II branch in Abuja. We’re what are called Executive Trainees, on that entry level ish; but what’s more it’s all on merit baby!

You see I’ve always loved IBPLC right from when I opened my first real savings account with them in my undergraduate days, so the step up to actually work with them is like on the dream-come-true level. This is how my journey went, it might have been quite long but it definitely was worth it:

1) October 2nd, 2007: submitted my CV to a very close friend who’s in the system already somewhere in Niger State.

2) November 17th 2007: along with over a thousand others I wrote the company’s recruitment aptitude test in Jos, Head Quarters of their North Central region. Rated my chances of making it to the next recruitment stage very high and had fun reconnecting with acquaintances from my NYSC, University and even Secondary school days.

3) January 18th 2008: Had my Interview and medicals along with 71 others in (a bloody cold) Jos. Rated my interview as having gone very well, and meanwhile enjoyed the youthfulness of the environment and the energy floating about.

4) April 21st 2008: after a very lengthy sometimes really crazy wait was finally called to start training/resume work with the bank.

Do you know that I almost completely missed the training save for a very good friend? It's a long story sha. Anyway I know Banking’s not easy and I’ll now be having much less free time and lot’s more commitments but I’m highly positive minded and I’m ready to make every moment count. There are a lot of people I won’t forget in a hurry in my quest for the IBPLC job, I’m unable to name them all at this point in time but from the bottom of my heart I want to sincerely thank you all. Peace, love and respect; one!

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wow thats a very long process



Big ups, my bro. Really happy say u don finally make'am, and welcome to the club (of the employed, that is). i bet, like me, u would soon begin to complain of 'bein too busy', even 4 urself! however, i feel bein busy and counting ur bucks is far more preferable than anything else. Hope they keep in Abuja after the training. I believe God that is just the beginning of GREAT THINGS in your (and your family's) life. I wish you all the best. Belated bithday greetings, too. Was out of the country to Addis Ababa through last week for an asignment. Hope we can 'catch' for a drink one of theses days. Just holla when u r free. Take care, men.

hey trae,

congrats bro. Good things come to those who wait hey....

don't forget your online pals men.


congratulations! u r still so young, & it's good 2 start earning 'better' salary early, unlike us dat managed with 20k a month (wetin i dey talk sef. my first salary was 5k)

i bank with IBPLC, but i doubt if am a happy customer. Right now, i do most of my banking with Zenith Bank. They understand IT better than intercontinental, & who wants 2 b driving down 2 their branch (n dis age of serious infotech!!!) 4 every little problem.

Congratulations Trae.

U truly deserve it. Best Wishes as you start your new career. Cheers.

thanks guys, best wishes to you too!

@oscar: yes i really hope to be kept in Abuja, though ideally it should be in one of the North Central states. any way it goes sha we'll remain busy, travelling and counting our bucks :-)

@naijatechtalk: i won't, they're my peoples for life.

@free-flowing florida: I'm sure in due time you'll return to the happy fold more permanently. welcome.

congratz mate, hope we would not be denied our reading rights. we might sue you to court if that happens, just know we are watching.

John Omesili

Congrats man! Did yu say yu liked IBPLC at nsk? Yu gat to be kidding man. But I'm sure the bank will be a lot more enjoyable from a staff's point of view now. At least that's what my friends there keep saying. So when we go wash am?

Congratulations ;)

Congrats to you!

nna, congrats....so when do i get my cut...my own share?

Congratulations...being jobless isn't really a good thing o!
Even if it's volountary.
Banks...their goods far outweigh their bad...

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trae Congrats thats a big one!!!!!!!. so send all the drinks to my end .. we must wash eeeeeetttt...

Congratulations on getting the job Trae! We all know that getting a job in one of the banks back home is not yam and doing so on merit without any "legs" or "connections" is definitely something you should be proud of.

Take care