To whom it may concern: I’m changing my name


Ever had a crazy idea pop into your head and then vow you were going to follow it up to the end? Example: some old American lady I used to know gave up all her possessions to become a missionary with dreams of one day settling in Nigeria! Well in my case I WANTED TO change my name! Yeah I was quite serious about it that I drafted a post to explain myself. I’ve changed back my mind though; I’m sticking to what my Pops gave me :D. Nevertheless am a still take away five minutes of your life (depending on how fast you read though), let’s rumble!

-I’ve got my mind made up; I’m going to change my name from Tochukwu R. A. Ezeokafor to Trae Zeefor Deeds.
-Funny ain’t it? Well let me break it down for y’all this way.
-I was given the name Tochukwu Ezeokafor at birth.
-The “R” came at baptism making my initials TRE. If you look at stuff from my boarding school J.S.S. 1 days you’ll still see TRE marked everywhere.
-I wanted my initials to be TRAE (I liked the sound of it) so I choose an “A” name at confirmation (catholic tradition).
-Was into the Topz Christian magazine around the same time. Started adding the “Z”. You know…kid stuff. It just sounded cool.
-Re-discovered Hip hop in ’99 and later found out about the existence of Jay-Z. Entered university the year after and later on became better known as TRAE or trae_z.
-Saw the trailer for one of Adam Sandler's films: “Mr. Deeds” and instantly fell in love with the name.
-Started thinking about a name change (my Pops sort of did it and my elder bro toyed with it. My sister too…well she’s married :)) and mentioned it to my Mum.
-Finally made up my mind to change my name and begin the legal proceedings as soon as possible. After all, the world’s greatest did so too. He went from Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr to Muhammad Ali.
-Choose the name Trae Zeeofor Deeds...a man has the right to be called whatever he wants. I’m not ashamed of my Igbo name/identity, I just felt like changing it. Anyways the surname Ezeokafor and the first name Tochukwu are getting all too common for my liking.
-What does it mean? Do I know the social and governmental implications of what I’m about to do?
-Who cares, it’s my name of choice and I like it :).
-Trae is a Spanish verb and a common first name in the US. Zeeofor is a play between my nickname’s suffix and my Igbo surname (at least make small Naija identity dey now). And Deeds? Great guys (Sandler and TRAE), great names (Deeds) :).

Talking about the festive season, the only stuff worth yapping about is that I just realized that like T-Pain I’m sprung over Shorty. She got me doing the dishes/anything she wants for some kisses/. :D not really. Anyways case closed, it’s picture time!

I WANTED to change my name so bad…blame it on Adam Sandler and Mohammed Ali

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It's your name; change it if it makes you happier. So far Papa & Mama don't mind, it's nobody's business.

If ever there was a reason not to change your name, Adam Sandler is it. I don't just find him to be an overrated actor, but a genuinely annoying and untalented human being. No single actor in the history of Hollywood has done as much to promote farting, pissing, and general gross out behaviour to be normal comedy. The man stinks.

On the other hand, I believe you can change your name if it makes you happy. But it's not something to be taken lightly, like a combination of getting a tatoo, getting married, and piercing bits of your body, all at once. Might seem like a good idea at the time, but how will you look in 20 years times? Divorced and septicaemia'd, and shrivelled up with weird things on your skin?

Hmmm ... this is probably not worth the effort. Why don't you just adopt the stage name 'Trae' and leave your real name as it is? Unless you have a quarrel with your folks and you're looking for a grand gesture that says '**** you!' I think this step is just too much.

it seems you guys didn't read this bit:

"I’ve changed back my mind though; I’m sticking to what my Pops gave me"

i'm glad it was just a thought..i mean Deeds???!?! offence but that is funny..."hello mr.deeds,how may i help u".."goodmorning mr.deeds"..hehe..but i do like the name Trae n Zeeofor...but the deeds...
on the other hand if i wer to change my would be....
Vanessa Mathers...(blame THAT on Marshal Bruce Mathers the third...)

"Trae is a Spanish verb and a common first name in the US."

I think the first name is "Tray" or "Trey." And it does exist but it's actually not very common.

On the positive side, your given name would be really hard to fit into hip-hop lyrics.

Hmm interesting. It makes you happy why the hell not!
Hope you had a lovely holiday

omo... God bless you for not doing it.. don't fall into that Trap.. we've given up EVERYTHIGN to come and live in this fucking place for some dream that's so allusive why give up the ONE thing you REALLY truly own? your name! your african name.. abeg o.. thanks for realizing it.

Personally I have always used my full name.. no matter how long it takes them I correct these mofo's and school them, I don't mind.. the alternative is to give my self a white persons's name? tufiawka!

Hey Trae, daz gud tot man, I kind of like the first two name for stage name but the 'Deed' aspect of it is somehow off. I can't advise u to tro away ur real name entirely cos one day u might need it again. Just apply ur economic and politucal knoledge in it.
Longest time bros