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Technically I’ve not yet made my exit but by Tuesday September 5th I should be off to the Benue State orientation camp for my one year youth service (National Youth Service Corp-NYSC 2006 Batch B).

A while back I used to be excited about the service thing. I had done my home work on what to expect and I was more than ready to go. But now I’m kind of far from enthusiastic. Minus the three weeks orientation camp fun, the shakara you get to do with your khaki and the little privilege and respect bestowed on you as a corper the scheme is basically a continuation of your suffering while in the university. (NYSC = Now Your Suffering Continues). Especially for us guys. We’re to spend one year working our butts off while collecting peanuts as salaries. The word “cheap labour” comes to mind right?

Anyways I’ve learnt that it’s all in the mind so I’ll try and proceed with a positive spirit. Hope to get to know more about the country, contribute my own part to nation building, make some new friends, grab some happy hours and make that money. I don’t know how the cyber situation will be in camp so I can’t say if I’ll still be regular online. But while i'm away you know the drill: say your prayers, brush your teeth and keep the peace ;). By the way where’re the good people of Benue State at? You know the number, holla at your boy.

My bro who'll also be serving designed this website for NYSC Bida zone (Niger state). Check, check, check it out. I don waka, peace!

Hey Beyoncé, wanna sleep in my T-shirt? My dad owns Nasir Yakubu Shipping Company you know :)

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Suck it up and quit whining!

I didn't know that was still in business. Cute site by your bro.

Now, now young man, don't get carried away by those Benue gals, and remember what I told you last time we saw, camp (and NYSC) can be a useful experience. Don't waste it. Peace.

Easy, man! Hope to top it up by d 2nd. No fear, u can do it, better!


Good man...i'm happy for you...Keep yah head up man...aight?Stay tight

Lucky you they posted my ass to Katsina.

good luck bro! make the best out of luv!!!

I enjoyed NYSC even if it was tough-it was an introduction to a part of Nigeria I'd never been to and I learnt a lot....make the most of it...good luck

I served in Niger State many moons ago. Tell your bros to stay away from Kpaki. I served there.

your very lucky you were not sent to some wilderness like yola where i spent the most interesting 10 months of my life! I should blog about it sometime tomorrow now that you make me remember!
Be careful of Benue girls o! One nearly seduced finish for yola!

i've been on about camp b4. can be good for making good connections (fascinating mix of people). excellent for chicks.

met a few benue chicks during my time at UNN. sweet! don't forget you rubbers

yo! send me more stuff by Nigga Raw. i’m feeling that dude’s music

Who said suffering was bad? I suffered in Rivers State during my Service and found God in the process. Suffering is good. Benue is high-up in the HIV prevalence... analyze that...

Good Luck man, We be missing ya vibes. Do ya thang.

More like Zip UP lol. Have fun, its er an interesting experience.

Up trae!!!!!!!!!!!! i knew you were coming up north. Have fun in camp dont let them stress u. The soldiers' bark is worse than their bite. Make sure u keep your stuff safe especially your phone and your. If u cant Zip uup make sure u get loads of condoms. Make sure u make those three weeks count you'll never have those weeks again in your life. And dont forget to keep a dairy so u can gist us about the three weeks.
Boy am i glad to be passing the baton of NYSC gist to you.
BTW dont go to camp early you'll regret the rush. Get there on the last day by then the registration would be easier as there will be less people on the queues. HAVE FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN 'cos Now Your Sufering Continues.
Good luck

thank you, thank you, thank you for the advice and well wishes, you guys are far too kind...especially Adunni :-P

hi from indonesia! just looking around in ur blog by

runs it. runs it man.

Boy I sorry for you oh. Na so dem go put you for lion's den? In Benue, you could even catch HIV by simply kissing their girls. They say it's so full & thick in their blood that they take double dose of ARV drugs.
Well, try blog sha. I'll pray for your safe return. Just forget rubbers, their kind of virus permeates thru the membrane of the rubbers. Better to go meet a blacksmith to construct metal pants for ya.

corper-shon!! Have fun!!! Don't go near the field at night o!!

Congrats, Trae.
Please make the best use of your NYSC. Make money, make friends, know places and have some fun. It only happens once for those who have the opportunity. And please, watch your back and keep your nose clean.

Congratulations and Good luck!! Make the most of ur NYSC!!! The opportunity never comes twice!!! U rock!!!

Goodluck and enjoy yourself!

Bro, I'm proud of you. Keep ya head up.

HI trae_z, it's always with a sombre mind that i get to realize that doesn't sit still waiting for you in any way, the clock ticks life away and any second when you are not in self realization is a second lost in self unrealization.

The whole NYSC period has come and memories of it still linger especially when i see those Khaki uniforms or get a chance to see some not well dressed gurl wrapped up in white t-shirt and those khaki trousers( Corps member no longer wear those mountain boots often you know)- that realixed that i have really finished serving NIgeria and the nostalgic free Friday expection comes up again.

My days as a corp memmber was fun anyway, thanks to my lovely CDS group DEBATE TO ACTION ( on the MDGs and NEEDS) . Looking at your pictures trae reminded me of those days when we were a little younger going for mountain climbing and bush explorations!. well about the BIDA website, the guy needs some beyonce in the design ( UPGRADE!!!!!

Nice blog men chao