"No be small thing oh!"

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Two weeks in the villa "no be small thing oh!" I’m just glad that in the end I can say I was wiser for it; I paid my last respects and I gave my mum the befitting burial that she rightly deserved. Props to all who have had my back (via the internet, sms, calls, gifts, words, presence and deeds) over the past few weeks, I can't thank you enough, you made a brother feel loved.

And talking about love, it's now official! After years of languishing in singledom and waiting on love I’ve got me a girl. It feels good to finally find someone who I can afford (to keep). My new boo is a laptop, the Toshiba satellite A110-195! I’m still trying to get to know it better, do a little tweaking here and there and install one or two stuffs. I wish us many fruitful years together (I’m monogamist oriented, hope I don't have to get a second wife or upgrade too soon), and now just like Globacom I can truly rule my world! "No be small thing oh!"

My mum's passing away got me feeling all religious or more correctly coming into contact with a lot of religious...paraphernalia. In my usual religious musings way (don’t mistake my brief writing for simplistic analysis, I’m not one to expound too much in blog posts) I now strongly subscribe to the thought that atheist are getting it wrong big time by living in ignorance. I’m saying the Bible…Koran is too much of a highly structured literary work for one to still doubt that Jesus existed (or that there’s no God/Creator/Supreme Being) and still think that all that are in those books are mere fiction. I mean we’re talking about decades of logical history here, clearly the Bible is no super James Hadley Chase (bookworms fix your favourite author here) novel. Another point is the Mastermind argument (which I’ve always loved) which counters the Atheists’ claim that life just evolved on its own and as such there’s no Supreme Being. The argument goes thus: on sighting a television set common sense tells you that with all its complexity it must have been created by someone/something, it didn’t just evolve on its own. Thus common sense should also tell us that the world/life we live in was orchestrated by some Supreme Being. Yet another point is the barber story. An atheist who was a barber kept blabbing that with all the suffering in the world that surely there’s no God but someone shut him up by asking him with all the mad scruffy haired people on he streets will it be fair to say that there are no barbers? On the other hand…like some atheists I do have good reason to (partially) doubt the Bible and question God as to why he no longer reveals himself as explicitly as he did in the past; but with my Liberal Christian ideology I’m happy to say that I can sleep in peace at night. My brother/sister “no be small thing oh!”

P/S: No be small thing oh! (Nigerian Pidgin English) = It’s not a small matter. The phrase is increasingly popular these days due to 2face Innocent Idibia’s extensive use of it in his new album (titled Grass 2 Grace).

With all humility: The Toshiba satellite A110-195 “no be small thing oh!”

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No be small thing o! :) Welcome back, man! And glad to hear everything went well. I wish I was there in person, sha.

Btw, your gf is cute!!! I'm jealous.

When do u go back to the base? Meanwyl, does the 'passing out' of the current corpers affect u in anyway?

Peace and love, bro!


Hey trae no be small thing at all OOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!! right now im greeen with envy. this your gf is most definitely hawt!!!!.
Glad to see your back on your feet again. And im glad that it all went well. Stay Strong and enjoy your new gf... just dont make the human one jealous.

no be lie, that your laptop err gf no be small thing o! Glad to know u're back on your feet now!
As per the bible and the existence of Jesus Christ, no be lie o! I have experienced Him too and i wish you will soonest experience Him too just as i have. No be small thing o!

welcome back trae..it's been while..glad to see u blogging again...and ur g.f...hmmm..what can i say that hasn't been said..truly no be small things sha...i am jealous.

take heart dear...n may u guys find a way to cope without ur beloved mama....

swish! install linux.

You finally got a laptop! I remember that sometime last year you were longing for one. Congratulations.

About being monogamous, I do not know if you would want to do that. Every month those guys release something new. I find myself changing my laptop every year! I just can't be faithful.

lol now at least someone understands a laptop being a boo, ve got mine for more dan a yr , at a time its was my boo, u know no more disapointments n stuff wld always be there lol well i wish u n ur boo a great time ahead n i think she is really cute but for being faithful dats gonna be hard cos soon u eyes wld start lookin else where at something cuter n more modern tkcare

i am glad everything went well...... welcome back... may God reveal himself to u everysingle day .... lost my dad 10 years ago... the only way i could move forward was trusting God ....


@Josh: nah i’m still serving till August. of recent i've been in and outta town on the regular...i’ll holla

@c0dec: i’ll look into that when i get nerdy enough

@in my head and around: thanks, ten brownie points to you for remembering. well actualy you should cos it was about that time that i discovered you and i guess that was the first post you ever read off my blog.

@the rest of my blog fam: thanks for sharing in my joy!

bro .... so glad u home. i mean from ur villa
im glad as well u found urself a boo-ur toshiba
ope she make u feel appi-thts hope&happy in yoruba
i got myself a boo as well. 'Eagleknife' is Ugomma
but really i would have luvd 2 meet ya in abj but its all good u left d day i came in.
left 2 dayz later myself n dunno when nxt im cumin
howeva enjoy urself n keep it real where u r
and till we c again b d good person u always are.
its now qeniflex......... no mo kenieflex

Hi Trae, sorry to hear your loss, i hope that you are ok now. RIP.

Been reading your blog, very interesting, wow!!
I noticed that you went to UNN, i was wondering if you knew anyone that went by the name "Prof" or chibuzo, he was in the EE dept of your school, cheers, just trying to find out where he is at the moment

@qeniflex: nice rhyme bro, u amaze me all the time. but my my why the name change?! and why you're at that decipher "‘Eagleknife’ is Ugomma".

@Vivian: sorry love, engineering wasn't my field and UNN is a really large school you know. anyways thanks for stopping by.