Album review: “Life + Times Of Ervin Ejango” by Suranu


So my man ODC (aka CJ Stevens) from back in my rhyme slinging days in the university had been on my case about this new artist he’s now managing called Suranu. I’d heard…in fact still have on my laptop a track he’d done with the dude before and in my present recovery mode…not going anywhere fast I downloaded the album and gave it a listen.

It’s a mixtape, the second in 3 years by Suranu, who this time is being motivated by Erving Ejango, his alter ego. No doubt about it the kid can rhyme flawlessly. And with a tight supporting cast of managers and producers the Life + Times Of Ervin Ejango is a decent effort. A brief bio on Suranu can be found “here”.

Favourite tracks: From the mixtape the tracks “Charlie What Da Happen” featuring Maytronomy and Jesse Jagz and “Oversabi Girls” are being heavily promoted. But personally the tracks suiting my taste which are all round complete and are constantly on repeat on my present playlist are “Here We Go Again” featuring Charlie X, “Not Good Enough” featuring or sampling Ellie Goulding’s cover of a song called “Heartbeats” and “Angels” featuring or sampling Lissie’s “Everywhere I Go”.

“Here We Go Again” is a tight jam reflecting on a painful break up and promising to turn a new leaf to restart a relationship. With an excellent chorus Charlie X co-stars to murder the beat. “Angels” literally takes you to heaven and back in a hip hop Adele-like chant chariot, while “Not Good Enough” acknowledges one’s inadequacies but resolve to strive on a soft rock meets hip hop background.

Rating: My rating for the album on a scale of 5 is 3.5

Album Details

Original Release Date: October 2012

Genres: Hip hop

Production: Charles "Charlie X" Ita, Emmanuel "Ekelly" Nwosu and Makan "Sizzle Pro" King David

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Here We Go Again ft. Charlie X
3. Still I Raise ft. Maya Angelou
4. Misunderstood
5. No Solution by Yemi Alade
6. Unconsolable ft. Zee
7. Oversabi Girls
8. Love Me x 3 [Tiwa Savage Cover] by Danny Gomez
9. Awa Ni ft. Minus2
10. Innocent
11. Catharsis
12. Going Down ft. Charlie X
13. Not Good Enough ft. Elli Goulding
14. Zambuluwai ft. Rexx
15. State Of Mind
16. Raw ft. Butta
17. Time ft. ODC, Mr Hudson
18. Little Brother
19. Push ft. Rexx, Sean Stan
20. Angels ft. Lissie
21. Charlie What Da Happen ft. Maytronomy, Jesse Jagz

Links: Download the full album here:


Listen to “Here We Go Again” featuring Charlie X

Listen to “Not Good Enough” featuring Ellie Goulding

Listen to “Angels” featuring Lissie

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