Sixth nerve palsy and Trae Zeeofor


I think I’ll start off this article here.

Gennaro Gattuso had been experiencing vision problems in early September 2011, a few days before the season kicked off. On 9 September 2011, Gattuso clashed with team-mate Alessandro Nesta whilst playing against Lazio in AC Milan's opening Serie A game of the 2011-12 season. He was substituted off directly afterwards (in the 20th minute) and diagnosed with paralysis of the sixth cranial nerve, resulting in diplopia in Gattuso's left eye. He later revealed that he had seen team-mate Zlatan Ibrahimovic in four different positions during the opening stages of the match, and was unable to see Nesta, resulting in the pair's clash. The condition kept him out of most of the 2011/2012 season but he has since gone on (June 2012 precisely) to agree a two-year deal with Swiss side FC Sion.

Sixth nerve palsy, or abducens nerve palsy, is a disorder associated with dysfunction of cranial nerve VI (the abducens nerve). It’s a weakness of the sixth nerve, the nerve that innervates the lateral rectus muscle that pulls the eye away from the nose. When this nerve is weak, the eye turns inward toward the nose (esotropia) and can't look outwards towards the ears; it may turn inward when people look straight ahead. Double vision (diplopia) is the most common symptom, producing a side-by-side image with both eyes open. Such people usually engage in head-turns to maintain binocularity and binocular fusion and to minimize diplopia.

Multiple events can cause sixth nerve palsy; head trauma being one of such events. The amount of resolution of 6th cranial nerve palsy primarily depends on the cause. Most cases improve within three months after onset and many resolve by six months. Temporary solutions might include an eye patch or use of prism eyeglasses. After observation for improvement (usually six months) surgery can be performed to maximize eye alignment.

Yes friends apart from multiple fractures this is what I had to deal with in my left eye following my motor accident of 15th July 2012. Take a look at the picture below taken on August 6th the day I was discharged from the hospital to see what I mean.

I was taken to Lagos for a checkup about a month ago and my consultations with the doctor confirmed most of the stuff I’d already researched online. I was told I should be good in 6 months or less. And now three months down the line from July 15th I’m happy to announce that in my estimations I’m about 90% done with the disorder.

Yes as I like to say I’m a lucky bastard; all the fallouts of my accident were non devastating. More so in my case my employers were supportive and put me on sick leave, so I spent my time rejuvenating and waiting on my fractures to heal. Thus preventing me from running mad as you might do if sixth nerve palsy besets you while you’re in perfectly good health and in the course of accomplishing your dreams. Yes I didn’t run mad, I handled it like it was one of Tom’s Scavo numerous fads on Desperate Housewives that was bound to go someday.

I’m just grateful to God for this day. All the time I’d have to close my left eye so I could read stuff properly on my laptop screen or generally when I wanted to focus. Or all those times I couldn’t look people properly in the face when talking to them as the nasty double vision was taking its’ toll. Or sitting in the car being taking across town to the hospital and everywhere looking crazy in double vision…two by twos. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I’m glad to be getting back to my eagle eye excellent vision. Ain’t never use glasses and ain’t never will. Oluwa is fully involved!

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