The “in memory of the money” song

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I’m sure some of you are familiar with songs and memories. As in when ever you hear some songs it reminds you of certain periods, people or event in your life good and bad. It makes you want to shed a tear or smile. The songs I’m working with now on that level are “obodo” the remix by Nigga Raw, “imagine that” by Styl-Plus and “jogodo” by Professor Linkin. I heard those songs over and over again, like a hundred times each day at the various joints in the Gboko NYSC orientation camp. And I equally bumped my head, tapped my feet, sang along or danced to them like a hundred times (the thing about this kind of scenario is that at times you either get sick of the songs or you grow to like them by force). That says so much about the Gboko DJs’ taste and the variety of jamz they have in stock.

The Nigerian job market is one big fear and challenge for graduates; it fucks with you big time. For the guys as a graduate you’re seen as “promising” so you have it some what easier with the ladies, but it’s not the case when you ain’t earning. You loose taste in chicks because at this stage they’re more of an unwanted expense than a lover/friend/f*ck buddy/friend with benefits. Job wise yours truly has been condemned to teach in Benue. It’ll be good as I’ll get the chance to make an impact in the lives of teenagers and it’ll be a nice life lesson/experience (but I never was low on experience and I believe I’m an all rounder who does a good job of adapting to the posh or hard life extremes). But career wise it ain’t shit and it’s more like a one year waste.

In that light self-employment really is the way to go. It’s all about having a winning idea and adequate funding. But it’ll require patience, intelligence and hard work. Me I want to be on that ish, the “your own boss” levels. With that mindset it bothers me when I see people my age or slightly older than me still in school (early college years), still content to be largely dependent on their parents, and flaunting about living the extravagant life when they didn’t personally work for most of what they’re enjoying…E don do, pens down. Right about now the “in memory of the money” song will start playing. Can you hear it?

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Your reflections above are poignantly true and raises a lot of questions and raises a lot of questions about our(youth) effectiveness as a societal bloc or agents of change,my years in university were marked by a ever present reality that the four walls we got"schooled"in was not a reality,some of my more rebellious freinds opted out altogether preferring to chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and its funny but very true that the girls they lost,the freinds that dissed,the paper qualifications they didnt get were trophies they eventually got later on,this time on their own terms,to boldy go where no man has gone before is or rather should be every mans odyssey,its instructive that the richest men in the world today are not the ones copping 2.1's and First classes,and it always struck me that professors teaching business administration couldnt run pure water factories and my respect for the itirenant Igbo marketers grows in leaps and bounds,without titles,deluxe adresses or the other trappings of elitist capitalism,they run things on a daily,Good looking out Trae,the wise man is he who knows that he doesnt know and you have embarked on your oddysey,find your fleece!
Best Wishes.

Benue... Good luck bruv.
On a slightly random note, i fear the value of education in Nigeria is kinda slipping. Does a first class actually mean anything to your average employer right now?
Nice one man. I just figures out what i like so much about your blog... you whinge without whinging. Do you know what i mean? you put your point out there like a silent complaint and let it stir up thoughts and ponderences in others. Nice way of starting a revolution without being hung for treason yourself. Trae for leader of the opposition.

Bros u've just been tagged.
Come see am for my place.
Don't use Service as an excuse.

@Oakes: thanks for the words of wisdom, as deep as ever man.

@aihammed delot: whinge without whinging...well i guess as an avid reader who gets to see things from different points of view i tend to be some what diplomatic when i finally do write. thanks, regards to you and yours.

@Anthony: ok oh make i go see am. but true true service dey limit my internet time.

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