To Sir with Love

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I confess that I had serious fears about teaching because save for minor tutoring of friends and relations on different occasions I’m seriously inexperienced in the field. But now I’m more confident, and sadly it’s partly due to the fact that the students I’ll be working with ain’t educationally sound (it won’t be an intellectually challenging job). The general standard of schools where I’m at is low. The students are so knowledge hungry yet so slow on the uptake. They were never given a solid educational foundation; the second-rate training repeats itself in the primary and secondary schools so they end up being merely “learned on paper”. I guess lack of finance is to blame and when one grows up in a community of non eggheads one can never reach his full intelligence potential.

Teaching as I see it is basically explaining what one knows to others. What you give your students they imbibe; you become the Alpha and Omega...students are so manipulatable! Anyways looking back at things now I feel that I could have done a much better job than some of the people who taught me when I was in school.

But talking about the present you should see the way I’m respected here. Good morning sir this, excuse me sir that. It’s all new to me and it’s a really pleasant surprise. Another pleasantry is going to be having a room to myself for the first time in my life! On the unpleasant side is the fact that there’s no strong FM radio or TV signal here! I never taught I’d find myself in such an information poor situation :(. Anyways thank God for compact discs. Hip hop album check: Modenine’s “Pentium ix”, check; Freestyle’s “free at last”, check; OD’s “don’t hate”, check and Pherowshuz’ “House of raps (rap-representaTIVs)”, check. I sure do hope to have a “SOUND” service year :). Nice play on words huh ;)?

And for the really unpleasant: we’re “loosing” a lot of quality bloggers in the Nigerian blogosphere; it pains me a lot. Back in the day it was Teju Cole, Obifromsouthlondon followed suit weeks back and now it’s Sir Aihammed Delot. Because of that let me put you up on some (if you're down with the blog thing). Your blog is meant to complement you and not to stress you. What I’m saying is blog easy and on your own terms. And please don’t put stuff that’s too personal online or stuff that you’ll regret later…especially when you’re not blogging anonymously. The internet has a very good memory you know...Ok class dismissed, i'm out.

To Sir with Love; great book, great film.

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I loved that movie but I wouldn't have watched it if my principal hadn't forced us. White c**t, I appreciate the 2 years of old movies(mostly black & white) now. How come I never find Nigerian albums. I keep finding those crap compilations. I guess it's just my trashy luck

whoah! so u're now an official village teacher! hope u have a good yr and good luck with handling all ur students and marking homeworks! I guess its a good opportunity to better these kids life with all ur knowledge and influence. Go Trae!

Good morning sir! :P Feels good, duznt it? :) I'm happy for you and feel you on the not so intellectually challenging aspect. Don't worry, you'd pretty much see some outspoken and information-hungry boy asking u series of stuff, soon.

All the best with teaching. Meanwhile, when next would u get a break and roll down to town?

Peace and 1!

"Your blog is meant to complement you and not to stress you" - excellent advice

Hey Trae, I like that movie too. The book was better, but Sidney Poitier is so cool that he made the film work. I love the bit at the end with him jitterbugging with the babe that had a crush on him. Good stuff. Glad you're enjoying the teaching experience. Teachers are wonderful and blessed people (when they do it right), so make sure you collect your plenty blessings during the experience. Nice blog.

Homie, it's been a whil init. You had to go and pull up a classic didn't you. Neat movie, never did read the book.

I'm glad you're having fun, The Sir thing sorta grows on you after a while.

I feel your pain about the lack of information, feels like you're cut off from the world, thank God for the Internet and Blogs.

I agree whole-heartedly with AbaBoy, that's sound advice, I've been through that "stress" phase myself.

You might want to pop over to my spot though, 'cos you've been tagged. I should be in Benue for the weekend, have no idea where precisely, maybe we'll hook up.

Love that advice about blogging on your own terms. Too true, too true. Enjoy teaching the kiddies!! I'm sure you'll make it a fun time...the students and their cool teacher :-)

does anyone have any episodes of big brother nigeria or know where i can find some? please respond.

bruv, take care and God bless. hope it all goes well.

village headmaster please help the children to be more interlectually sound. congrats

no go dey teach them wrong thing oh

I would really like to teach someday. All my friends who have moved back to Nij "worked" their NYSC so they won't be stuck teaching and I think that sucks. I won't lie that I don't want to leave Lagos, but I want to be able to teach. I hope you are able to impact your students positively while you're there. Everyone has one teacher who left a positive mark,I hope sir that you're that teacher to most of your students. Good Luck!

I loved the book, never saw the film....really inspiring. Maybe you can do for those children in Benue what Mr Braithwaite did for the poor East End kids....Like you I never thought I was cut out for teaching...until I tried

Good luck with your new job. I just linked your post to my blog page regarding the presidential elections. Thanks for posting.

"Your blog is meant to complement you and not stress you." Good job pointing that out. Hey, your teaching in this rural area is reminding me about some Village teacher from the book "The Lion and the Jewel." Read it in high school...Teacher trying to toast woman, king trying to toast woman = wahala!
---Or was that really the story? Can't remember sha...keep blogging!

Heavy is the hand that lifts the sword, wise is the mind that defends his word, brave is he that strikes the beast.

You have all the munition you'd need to embark on this adventurous spelled terrain, i'd say saddle up and ride off facing the sun as if zeus himself couldn't stop you.

The mind is quite tricky, there is a way to 'telnet' or break open heads to dump info in. Nice career, i'm sure one of your merits is the love to educate, take this up as a challenge. Find a way to get to these deprived lads, good riddance!!!

You are doing a noble deed my friend, the country'll be entirely grateful some day.