I'll miss you ma

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Just came back from Benue…hoping to get back into ABJ life, the election fever and blogging (got loads on my mind). But I guess stuff is going to be different now. Lost my mum yesterday…car accident…just finding out…God knows best. I’ll miss you ma…

Edit (20th December, 2006)

I just want to say thanks and God bless to all (online and offline) who commiserated with me on the death of my mum; It sure did mean a lot to me. Her passing away came as a shock to me and I’m still grieving but life ain’t over and I still have to air out this little blog bits which have been in mind for long.

You know how some people think that when you’re born your destiny is already mapped out by God, well I object to that. I think God creates us and gives us the freewill to do as we please. Right or wrong it’s our choice, determined by whom or what influences us. God just sits back and watches the show and intervenes when he wants to or is called upon too. God finishing homework on our fate before hand, I don’t subscribe too…that would probably bore him out.

Still on destiny, I don’t subscribe to the thought that we have only one true life partner and thus won’t get the best out of life except it’s with that person. That’s small mindedness. I believe God gives us the freedom to choose from a range of people who are compatible with us, and all things being equal we can blossom with any of them. This is evident from your past really great relationships; it’s just a pity that they didn’t work. There’s always hope of another for the widow, widower or broken-hearted.

Talk about displeasures and men who give all the attention to the girl (ogle) when both sexes are before them comes to mind. The scene in the Mayor’s office in the film: Barbershop 2 is a good example of this. Yeah I know of the opposite attraction thing but hey this is a meeting of three not a dinner date of two. Such men probably had it tough growing up and thus can’t win girls fair and square without the use of the executive shine.

Ironic instances: lepa (slim) girls who fuss over food. "TRAE you’re lazy, you ain’t doing enough work…TRAE all you do is eat…TRAE don’t finish the food oh…TRAE I’m hungry stop disturbing me". Funny thing is unlike Eldee of the Trybesmen I eat well but I ain’t fat, I work hard and enjoy my meal hard; but they work loads yet have little appetites. Quite unfair don’t you think? Anyways there were always wonders in life.

Last word: many “mum” and “missing you” songs exist; the lyrics are often too theatrical but no doubt about it I sure do miss my mum…she went too soon.

Job is done, raising ghetto kids in the hood/
You was my strength to carry on and now I'm good/
Job well done, you live through your sons and your grandchildren/
Jesus finally got his bride, mummy dance with him/
… (From the song “dance” by Nas)

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My deepest utmost sympathy, May her soul rest in peace. Take it with good heart bro.

I'm sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace.

I am so sorry for your loss. May her soul rest in peace.

This is my first comment here. I normally pass by.

I'm sorry about your loss.
It will be well.
Take care.

What a painfull news.
May God himself console u at this point in time.May her soul rest in perfect peace.

My condolences... May Her Soul Rest in Perfect Peace.

May the Almighty God comfort you and your family.

Hey, accept my condolences. May God give you the fortitude to bear the loss.

Accept my condolences....May her soul rest in perfect peace....

Yo Trae,
Mums mean a lot, I'm saddened by your loss man. Take it easy, God rest her soul and God bless the rest of the family.

Wow. My condolences Trae. May she rest in peace. Take care.

my condolences..
God will give the strength u need... he is still in control... God bless ur family ...

so sorry for your loss. May She rest in peace. Stay Strong!

Wow. Ndo ehn.

Oh Trae! My condolences...

Haven't been to your blog in a while. Sorry about your loss.

Damn, I usually just read without posting, but had to post on here. Take heart man, jisike, my prayers on you and your family.

awww, i'm deeply sorry about your loss. As soon as i saw this i was reminded of a close friend who lost his mum the very yr he graduated. The most painful part was his mum was just coming to see him for the first time in 5 yrs since he entered the university when she passed away in a car accident.
May God grant you strength, grace and comfort as you shoulder on being the man mamma always dreamt you would be.
Now you've got your own chance to make her proud of you and i'm sure she'll be smiling down at you telling the angels "now that's my trae-z"!

Trae, My sincere condolences to you on the loss of your mother.

Trae...hmm i'm so sorry. Accept my sympathy... it's a tragdey happening when everyone is meant to be jolly... God knows best why things happen to the people we love..... Stay kool bro.. i gat ur back for always.... peace and one luv

Trae Z, men Icant say I know what it is to lose someone so dear to your heart, but at times like these I know its best to break down so that you can gather up the pieces and stand again. My deepest sympathy and may our good Lord give you the fortitude to bear the loss. Johnny blaze

A little bit on the other side who is obi frm south london, i look at the guy lafamila mag and saw trae days there, so who is he?


Take heart man, losing one's mum must be a heart-wrenching feeling, God's on your side. Do accept my condolences.

I wish i could hold you down and tell u she is in Heaven right now,You gonna see her face someday.Life is too short jus make the best of it and show love to people around you.
Trae i barely know you but i feel your pains in the bottom of my heart......Goodbye

Just popped up on ur blog to see what's up and saw the bad news. Be consoled! Jesus is in control. Remain in his presence and you shall be comforted.

SOrry Man...it really hurts mee... accept my sympathy...i will call ya soon....we got to talk man

im sorry bout ya loss bway! u knw she dancin wit Jesus now.so dont feel bad...1

so sorry about your loss stay strong and GOD BLESS U

my condolences Trae
be strong

Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of your mom. May The Good Lord remain your pillar of strength

Trae, take heart. Take courage my friend. It doesn't rain forever, the sun soon comes. And Merry Christmas.

Sorry to hear man, I can't begin to imagine how you're feeling.

word? :( man... take heart. sorry.

Hey Trae, haven't been to ur blog in a min...but i just wanted to say i'm really really sorry that u lost ur mom...i pray that she finds eternal rest; n i also pray that ur siblings n ur dad find d strenght to move on(Amen). Tk it easy hun n congrats on ur finishing ur NYSC safely...goodluck on ur future endeavors....it's Scorpio from Nairaland!

Accept my condolence. God will always take care of you more than your mum. You've gotta be a strong man now.

I'm so sorry son. Stay strong. God's got your back

May she rest in peace.

Hi Trae ,
Sorry about your loss . I have not been here in a while .
May mums soul rest in peace . Just remember all the happy times you spent with here . We will all die someday and we will get to meet our loved ones who left the world before us .

i'm sry about ur mum...
i pray for GOD srenth
in ur life sty bless
i luv u..bey

The Lost was regretted.Sorry