Breaking news! trae_z has been banned from nairaland!

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Note: I've since been unbanned.

Yep, that’s right people. I was banned today from posting or participating in the activities of the forum. But I ain’t gonna start bitching or crying over spilt milk. Am a just be honest, objective and straight forward in spitting out my view on the whole issue.

Nairaland is a Forum for all-purpose talk on Nigerian issues by Nigerians. If you ask me I’ll tell you it’s the best Nigerian forum on the net activity wise. It’s owned by Seun Osewa (a.k.a. the site administrator). He also owns, a Nigerian GSM discussion forum. Also one of the best Nigerian forums online. It’s dead now as it has been superseded by Nairaland. On Both sites I was one of the highest contributors post-wise, one of the peeps who made the forums thick.

I was banned by the admin cos of some criticism shit. Well I ain’t sorry anyway, because I believe I was constructive in my criticism. That fella: Seun has been in one too many face-offs with members of his forum. And they mainly stem from his editing or/and deleting of their posts wrongly. And at times (as in my case) this ends in their being banned from the forum. What a shame. If I was a forum administrator I certainly would have been fairer and done better.

Not being able to stand being criticized is the height of immaturity and not being a man. It’s like one is on some Mugabe, Castro, Abacha or Saddam dictatorial shit. They are Political leaders who are/were known to lock up their opposition indiscriminately. Criticism helps you. One loses nothing from being criticized, especially when you know you’re right. If at all you’re wrong you just learn a lesson which betters and perfects you.

Hey, I Hope I wasn’t sounding hyper sensitive? But you know I believe so much in free speech, allowing peeps to say what they want to say. I hate depriving others of their right to free speech (I don’t do it with my blog comments) and I hate it when mine is. I’ll miss the forum for sure and it hurts to know the forum can do without me (no one individual is that important as to stop the course of life). But in the same vein I can do without the forum. Before Mobilenigeria and Nairaland I was and so after it I still will be. Life goes on.

Well I guess forumites have clashes with admins the world…i mean “the net” over. And things will only get better when peeps learn to tolerate each other.

This post has sapped the energy outta me. Repping Naija (like QMHchick of is what we should be doing and not getting into arguments with fellow Nigerians.

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What was the critique about?
do you mind sharing that too..?

i posted this "I ain't trying to stir up anything, I'm just being honest. mr Admin u really need to re-evalaute urself. the clashes u've had with members both here and on mobilenigeria are one too many. if I was an admin in a forum I think I would have done a lot more better." as a reply mamba made in a comment on this page: . seun deleted both comments.

he also deleted my post on this page: saying i was trying to undermine him. i've put it back now after other comments. i was the first to comment there originally.

Here is what went on privately between me and Trae:

Trae: I ain't trying to stir up anything, I'm just being honest. mr Admin u really need to re-evalaute urself. the clashes u've had with members both here and on mobilenigeria are one too many. if I was an admin in a forum I think I would have done a lot more better.

Seun: Trae, the only reason I have "clashes" on my forum is that I was too soft to boot out troublemakers from the word go and delete inflammatory posts.

Trae: well it's ur forum so I guess u do as u please. but I guess kazey,axeprince and a host of others were right about u. u're not only soft, but stupid and poor in forum management. if u were a politician u're the type to clamp down totally on ur opposition. I hope ur small head has seen that u really got it all wrong in

Seun: Trae, If I read one more word of abuse from you, I will ban you.

Trae: fuck u!!!

Trae: f*ck u again. I guess I better start preparing a post for u on my blog.

Cyberwar. Hum i love the internet. But then Goodness, nice way to express oneself freely on the net a blog. Anyways you guys just be cool. No futher comment ;)

Hi Trae

i was just passing through, you are doing good, keep it real and God bless you.

uche nworah

sorry man, but it's just one of those things. there ARE control freaks in this world y'know.

Ok, I know this doesnt have much to do with the banning thingy but i'm just curious. Who is the girl in the pic? and plsssss, where did she get the jacket(with the coat of arms behind) from? Its so cool - i need one :)

mehn..........u and seun sound like somwe spoilt kids fighting over a turf. goodness i can't believe two adultsd are doing this...we all got freedom to do what we like i guess. freedom to disagree, unagree and agree(and the fredomto write any kind of english). it really does sound to me like the administrator is a little too harsh on his peeps. he should go easy... we all need to express ourself, and also the posters need to exercise a little caution. freedom without disclipline leads to anarchy.
i hope u guys work out something anyhow

hey Trae_z,
That you even went as far as praising nairaland and mobilenigeria, me personally praise ur ego.

I noticed that we were in the same boat,but I keep repeating,I WILL NEVER BE DOCTORED TO SUIT ANYBODY.

I have chosen not to have anything to do with either nairaland or mobilenigeria anymore.

NOBODY treats me as they wish, just because you gave yourself a big name that kills the monkey(my Ibo brothers would recognize tht proverb).

Seun outrightly missedd the importance of what he started.lost focus and personalized trivial issues. He'll be better dealing with Machines that has no opinion that Human beings.

His holier-than-thou attitude pisses me off the most. I intentionally went through all the posts and found out that what he hounds people like us for are being perprated by others withour all the 'editing" shit on them.I sent him one of such links.

Enough said, those who appreciate "my" postings are there and the records are there as well.

I refused to be doctored by somebody to suit them for whatever reason.And I am taking what Seun did very personal.

Keep blogging brother.


It is nice to see Trae being pulled back to Nairaland !
I got to know about Nairaland thru Trae only, and see his contribution all over it by way of his comments ...
By the way Trae, Silverbird has nothing to do with any of the entries on my blog ! I write for myself, and write only what I like or dislike ...
Am on blog to please none but myself. So be assured, no entries are sponsored on my blog (by the way, won't mind if u decide to sponsor any !)
So cheers !
and a belated happy birthday to you.

For a Nigerian living abroad this is just like being back home - everyone shouting and fighting and shouting. You guys need to remember people are reading this stuff other than yourselves!

ps - a nice blog

This little boy Seun is naive, silly,ignorant, stiff-necked, yes, has lots of guts, totally disrespectful, quarellsome, and a big hypocrite.

also, the embecile is totally intolerant. no one has anything good to say about him. no one. i am sure this is the very same way he behaves with his parents.

no wonder.

nwoke m odikwa mma? I can hear the current of your blood flowing through your veins. cool down now. U wan get heart attack? I always say get into spats only if there is an end product. This kinda quarrel is counter productive and removes too much out of one's mind and body. I know you are a young guy and got a fiery personality. But be tactful in your approach even if it means toning down your language and stance in certain interactions. Your attack on that woman Ra, who yes was out of order, was particularly harsh. Remember people will judge you on what you write. You'll be suprised what people will chose to remember. You're a veteran blogger. may end up a budding naija writer one day (poetry and books you never know). Saw a link to your blog on African Fem's blog. That woman is very important over here and worldwide on African and Nigerian affairs. You are definitely highly regarded so please take my advice.

Seun greetings. I know you're reading this. I dont know you personally but I don't agree with censorship (except in cases of pornography and racial abuse). Traez has been tirelessly promoting your forum and you wont believe who reads it as a result. Remember we are far away and it's blogs like his that inform us on the ground level. emphasis on "tirelessly". Also remember he is a rapper and expression is his tools of trade. Yes language (tone and delivery) can create a positive or a negative context in any discussion. But censoring it via openly deleting and overwriting sends out the wrong message to the member. It also becomes habit forming. I know, I used to moderate a forum and used to do that alot. one day someone advised me to attempt bringing warring parties together and try to resolve the conflict. after many attempt it worked. Take the forum beefers offline and sort it out. Moreso if they are very active members. As a moderator your patience should never be tested. Yes you sometimes play devil's advocate to keep things interesting. But it should never get personal. Remember you are the big brother in this situation. Regardless I love Nairaland so please keep up the good work. It's extremely informative.

In conclusion

ps: This is the longest comment i've ever made anywhere.

Hi, I've had similar experiences with SEUN. He is so immature and very backward. Someone actually started (on 21/01/06) a thread on NAIRALAND expressing their anger at the way SEUN handles issues, tust seun he deleted it. It's appalling and I can't really find the right word to describe him. But hey guys, I'm starting another FORUM for Nigerians and rest assured it'll be great. drop me an email. Let's clip his immature wings.


I found this site becuase I could no longer reach nairaland since I added to the post, censoring pips on nairland. My posts were edited and sometimes deleted. Seun has been living in Nigeria too long, he needs to understand what freedom of speech means. I guess the admin is not ready for what he started. We need an new site for the banned from nairland.

Seun is extremely stupid. That boy is just arrogant. A fool for that matter. He's banning people from his site, just because he has traffic. He actually thinks he has power over everybody on that site. He won't listen to other people's comment about his site.

I have been on that site for basically 5 months and i must say, that boy is a big fool. Nigerian never cease to amaze me.

He deleted the post counts of his top members because 'they hated the way he behaves'. I will call names because i don't think i am scared of that arrogant son of a bitch. There's this little girl on the site. Her name is nike4luv, he made her post count 0 (zero). He also took the post count of the highest poster on the site, the girls name is Hot-angel. She had over 15,000 post count. he made it zero.

he was such a big ignoramus that he couldn't delete the posts they made because he knows that, it would reduce the number of posts made by his members. I spit on his face, and i hope he realises what he is doing before time passes by. Most of his members love that website, they just hate the way he behaves.

Even Martin Luther King Jr. had his critics. I'm just doing my job, and I have no apologies for that. Have you noticed how the most critical posts are made by anonymous cowards? ;-)

Reading people's comments here strongly validates all the negative things that have been said about Seun. His last post moreso.

I was a major contributor to nairaland. I endured the insulting deletions, and Seun's brash, "I'm too good for you" attitude.

Eventually, I stormed out of there and started my own forum named

The name is not an accident. It's meant to send a message to Seun that he doesn't have a monopoly on running a forum.

Please support and cut this arrogant ignoramus down to size.

When a forum becomes a reclusive enclave it takes away its shine.

Most of the bright minds have left basically because of the poignant beaviour of Seun.

I personally like to talk about issues the way they are but I was really pissed off when I raised the topic “Biafra breakaway: Reality or mirage”. I find it hard to belief that Seun took it upon himself to be calling me Mr. Revolution. I wonder what’s so revolutionary about that.

Anyway if a revolution is what’s going to make Nigeria a better place to live in am ready to champion the cause.

I have had my share of deleted post, absurd thread locking and uncountable bans and threats from Nairaland Admin. It’s a miracle my account still exists.

A suppressed mind is a depressed. Be free.

You don't bite the hands that feed you. Seun certainly has done that without remorse.

The evil that men do lives after them. Just as joftech said above, Seun has driven many great minds off his site. These people are never going to return to that site, myself inclusive. What a loss!

If you have the time, please stop by and read what I wrote about censorship.

is beyonce butt real? ...

i was banned on april 23 from nairaland just becos i said why when african man comes home they ask for food frist, that was my question be4 i knew i saw myself out, but stya i cant get it?

Hehehehe, wonderful. After series of threats, i finally got a 10 minute ban from nairaland simply because i squared up with seun for calling a victim of american racism a "black monkey" and a disgrace to Africa.
I will be putting up a blogpost on the issue this week complete with the entire thread on nairaland (trust Seun, he deleted the thread but i had already made a copy)!

Nice post Moni. I strongly agree that parents need to monitor the websites their children visit. I also agree with your views on Nairaland. Seun runs the site like a dictator. He abuses people and deletes post that contradict his belief, and criticize him.

Wow heard the lastest publicity stunt in niaraland? the bogus papermoon has been declared dead by a user who happened to join the forum less than a month and happened to know papermoon after she was exposed as a liar on the forum. The Bogus friend La-yanju declared papermoon died in prague and the whole forum has been in morning. lol its the web dammit ,get a grip u ppl.Liar come and go


A figment of Nairaland Managers imagination.
Thought it time to kill her off.Wake up and smell the coffee people
Checked Prague news archives 4 any of this no results, nothing , nada
complete fabrication and publicity stunt 4 nairaland.
dont belive youve been had? Check yourselves, Any surname? one photo(from a porn convention) no doubt some1's seen the movie :)
Nairaland Manager u reap wot u sow, careful.

trae the nairaland guy seun is SICK in the head. he is far from NORMAL. i really think he does believe he is abacha and his forum will not last long with that attitude. from the things i have seen and heard he beleives nairaland members need him and he doesnt need them. lets see how he does when they all leave. I just hope nairaland members wisen up and create their own forum. i heard there is a and also a

I do laugh when i see/read people’s reaction to Seun’s attitude. Seun is completely a kid and a wayward type for that matter. I don’t bother myself about such unknown and no-place person any longer.

Sometimes, i wonder what good the boy is doing to his future aspirations, especially in a society like Nigeria cum Africa where people strongly use the past to judge your suitability for present / future assignments.

Seun Osewa again!!!

I am tired reading about that block-head, again and again. I wonder why u guys cant just totally forget him and his so called sites. He respects no man and feels he knows it all.

Seun will never change and thats just the gospel truth. There are a lot of better forums out there.


It makes perfect sense to have choices anyway. For serious discussions on issues concerning Nigeria and Nigerians may suffice.

People say we are too serious minded but again how can we honestly discuss Nigeria problems without being serious?

It's all about seeking workable solutions to our may sometimes unique problems while respecting other people's opinions even if we do not agree with them.

On NL, I still make use of it but I am certain Seun will pick a thing or two from this blog because people cannot just gang up to write against him. I look forward to being criticised on a daily basis as that remains the best route to do a re-evaluation as things might not be the way they seem.

Dear Dear Dear lol Seun and his life NL lol

Its so funny i dont even want to go on about him but he is the most ignorant , immature runt i have ever seen. Really, he is losing people big time anyway so wont really worry about those left there. many are inactive and he is now reduced to assuming new nicknames to bring up the most stupid topics, like the other day, some one calling herself (naomi adeneye) came on claiming to be One Adeneye's daughter(the record mogul of kennis music) with someone elses picture(mind you this so called person had just joined the forum a day ago),claiming to have been abandoned by the father in America.calling him a dead beat dad and then, this gets more interesting, check this! someone who happened to be new to the forum too replied her post saying he knew the father personally and would hook them up.Guess what? yep....a day later thesame girl writes back thanking nairaland that she found her father through someone on the forum. I wrote saying this was a made up situation and the whole thing did not add up plus, the man is known in some circles in Nigeria why would this girl just join Nairaland to find her father and then find him and has now established ''father daughter relationship'' her words not mine lol in like 48hrs.

Anyway seun deleted my post. I sent another saying instead of deleting my post why not concentrate in making sure bogus ppl dont use the forum to tarnish nigerian celebrities images and ask the necessary questions? guess what?...yep he deleted my post again, now why did he take this personal? if he did not have a hand in this? I read thesame topic recently and he convienently deleted my post , posting himself that the topic should now be brought to an end,with the fake pictures deleted. Why wait so long? Anyway i tried logging on today and i found my pin blocked lmao lol .prior to this he had changed my nickname from bettyboop to bettybitch, lol lol why? bcos i dared challenge him on a topic about ...wait for lol lol(i wont explin this , bcos its so silly) goes to show , having an education goes a long way in life, his close mindedness, ignorance is just typical of one suffering from inferiority complex. He banned so many intelligent people from the site, bcos they always proved his silly theories wrong, and magnified his limited education and common sense. I implore those with some brain cells left post Nairalnd explore the recommended sites by afam and check many others too, they dont have thesame crap you have on nairaland. Seun is now a fraudulent joke.

Na waoo!! Seun, Nairaland and Seun again. Ban, unban, delete, edit and ban again. Well, Seun na site administrator for nairaland, if him say make una no write the one wey him no like, make una form una own write anyting wey una wan write or if una like him forum that much, make una no write de one wey him no like.

Una sabi why I de talk like this? Because wrong plus wrong no dey equal right. Me i no de talk say wetin Seun de do dey right, wetin I de talk be say, insulting and slandering him no dey right either.

If una feel say de tin wey him de do no correct, him be human being, big headed and possibly very arrogant, I gree, but even at that, my people say na small small dem de take lick soup wey hot and na play play dem de take catch monkey. I sure say, if person talk to am for the way wey him go understand him to chill.

Una for know say nairaland no be for Seun alone now, na for all of us. Na we get am, na him be administrator, if we decide today, we go change am as administrator by popular demand, if him no gree we go all resign. But to de insult am like dis no be answer. To go form different different forum too, no be answer, because if all of us go get him own forum who go contribute for who him own?

Seun, on your part, my people talk say, anywhere wey small picking de cry de point if him mama no dey there him papa go dey there. Wetin I de try tell you be say people don de complain too much about de way wey you de take handle your people, u no go fit dey right wey everybody dey wrong. For de sake of the good thing wey you don do for nairaland, make you reconsider your tactics and basically, me I no think say de fact say "wetin be him name" tell you say "fuck u" after you tell am say you go ban am if him talk rubbish again be enough reason to ban am.

You see wetin I mean? You remember the time wey I post that article on the bill wey dem wan pass for Ghana "Domestic violence bill" wey you lock make nobody contribute then tell me say, nairaland no de support divorce, de thing be say e no be wetin you want make nairaland support e go support. De forum no be one man business, e grow pass where e be only you go talk de one wey you wan make dem write or otherwise, e pain me but wetin I go do? I no be complainant. You bin forget say I no de advocate divorce, all I bin de ask be say "E good say Ghana paliarment de wan pass bill to talk say man no get right to come home ask him wife for food because e be enslavement. And say u no get right to tell your wife say get away because e be abusive. Say if you do this and other things dem go jail you for 120 days. My brother, de thing be say you no even go into the nitty gritty of post before you lock am, you see de thing people de talk about?

Be that as it may, I believe Nairaland is a good place and i do sincerely believe Seun is not inherently wicked, abusive, et al. The only thing that is permenent is change itself, it is, therefore, my contention that we can change our attitude as nigerians and Seun can change his not only as a Nigerian but also as the site administrator of Nairaland.

May God bless us all

At this moment, am laughing my ass off reading all these comments.

Everyone has alot to say about SEUN, INCLUDING ME!!!

When I was first banned, it was simply because of a post I made in my new forum which I have closed cos I had redirected the forum to another URL.
Seun accused me of bashing him on his forum which wasnt true.
I was banned and he also threatened to ban my IP, I simply told him there aint a thing he can do.

Recently, I saw a post on Nl and I challenged Seun, before I knew it, Seun changed my user name from QUEENZY to IMMATURE, and went as far as changing my password too. He changed BETTYBOOP to BETTY BITCH now he changed BETTY BITCH to IDIOT-BOOP. lol. Thats what I call pure joblessness.

He has banned people from Nairaland for silly reasons, he banned someone for not indicating his sex, he banned another for praising England.

Like I always say, when he learns to make use of his brains, he will realise that life is not about "I know it all"

plz can u send me how i can talk to him on the forum cos he banned by boyfriend from the forum and made bolex jelous i really don't think d guy is matured to dat extend lol

Guy u are cool big time analysis i really dig ur opinions never read a nigerian blog pls put pics of the real Naija for us i dont mind sendidng u a few when i get them keep it up

I laughed after reading what transpired:

Seun: Trae, If I read one more word of abuse from you, I will ban you.

Trae: fuck u!!!

Trae: f*ck u again. I guess I better start preparing a post for u on my blog.

State your opinion - yes. But state it with the 'F' word - haba! And most people would crucify Seun for taking action?

Guys, let's grow up. A person telling me he would've done 'better' than Seun as a site admin by recourse to the *F-word really defines how well he does things 'better'. That's why I'm a jagger-head - I owe nobody any sympathy, and for all I care, TRAE_Z is crying like a child. That's my own freedom of speech, and I don't mind a tyrade of more *F-words at me.

elbaron put things straight - most people may be peeved at Seun about their own personal issues - and legitimately so; but did that make the use of abusive words anymore sane than we imagine in trae_z' case? Please, people!

This blog/site could interest me - and I'm actually enjoying Nairaland as well. I deserve to be banned from someone's personal blog/site when I contravene his/her rules. If the blog/site in question plays by no rules at all, then my gutter-mouth is all the happier!

This world's meant to go round. End the sulking and move on.

aight! y'all been talking alot abot seun.....i feel your pain, yeahh i feel your pain! but, fo'real tho, the guy don't deserve no ish! y'all save your energy! will ya?

kk just jokin!, y'all can use as much energy u gat to say wateva to him! don't matter!

seun ain't gat no brain!! yeahh!! he thinks his sooo smart, which makes him extremely estupido!.....aight y'all know wat i'm about to say next!...but, imma save it aight!

seunn seunn!! dude, i can't laugh no more!...why?? cos u tryna show your brainwashed nairaland members that u gat ambitions n' ish, but u don't!..anywho!

seun get a life or sumn n' stop deceiving thoze peeps on your site....cos u friggin makin them a prisoner!

dude, get a life!!

Me thinks the dude is simply just small minded thats all...and as it turns out it aint my problem its his.

Nairaland and seun osewa.....the place and the admin will leave you with a sour tase in your mouth as only his opinions on all threads matter and any attempt to argue or disagree with his opinion will result in threatening private messages one famous one is ''DO NOT CHALLENGE YOUR ADMIN AGAIN ON ANY TOPIC, FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE BAN FOR A DURATION I SEE FIT DEPENDING ON MY MOOD''

Threads to avoid are posts by the following LAPDOGS..oops!MEMBERS BY THE NICKNAMES OF Eveseh(dimwit with no opnion on any topic,but will drop in on posts to post a smilie. or in the event she makes a post its along the lines of Shakira v Beyounce who is hot?, ciara v christina who is hot and the list goes on. Another one to avoid is Hot Angel( she can be found on Hi5 as Lizzy,16yrs old sex manic and she claims to be a virgin, her post will leave u ashamed to be Nigerian. Also very importantly Seun the admin also has many nicknames on line and will sometimes attack anyone of greater intelligence with one of these nick names like the coward that he is. Basically the place is also swimming with scammers , spammers and 419ers so be careful who you chat to on line, some dude tried to convince me to part with $1000 to travel to america like he was talking to an idiot.

Many have left the Land so do not be deceived by the number of members you see, they are not active, and when like me u ask for your account be closed, and your details cancelled, you will get an automatic ban , but your details still held. A few weeks back during a scandal regarding the fake death of a member,a stunt many beleived to be an idea drummed up by seun to draw publicity to nairaland but then backfired, during this scandal, many asked to be removed from his databas as they no longer trusted their details in his hands, seun retaliated by publicly disclosing 7 memebers email addresses and Ip addresses to the whole nairaland forum, a practice which is toatlly unethical and immature and above all a breach of trust. I dont know if its down to the fact that he has never left the country and seen how ppl behave in civilised ways, but his childish , school boy bully tatcics are nothing short of ignorance and lack of education.

many bloggers have written about nairaland being great but soon realised that the place is a joke and no place for classy or educated ppl to be. Thank you

I am no longer a member, i asked for my account to be closed because i saw all the goin ons and decided it was an unheathy envirnment to be in. I sent a mail to seun saying it was time i left and just wanted my account closed, you should know that we did not have words prior to this,i was sent an email saying '' i will no longer be able to log on the site,my details will be kept and used which ever way seen fit for him to use and as he has too many members at the moment, my decision to leave met him with great delight as one less member will leave the forum easy to navigate for others''.

i have to agree that the admin does act up a bit which is really immature of him but still, nairaland is a great place though i guess seun doensnt realise that freedom of speech means that you have to tolorate diverse and very differnt views even if they suck to you.
one love trae_z

Nice blog Trae

came here from Chxta's own complaint. apparently seun has met his match. you don't go around banning people anyhow.

This thread protesting CHxta's ban has actually been left undeleted for a whole day! Are we seeing a brighter day on Nairaland?

I really don't know why u guys have decided to make such bad post against Seun. Even if it's going to be a warning shouldn't have lead to series of curses like "Stupid" and severals. Lets know that no man is perfect and for Seun ....I've also make a post to him. If we're to make corrections please for human sake lets do it with Love.

God Help us All.

Mrs. anonymous Mama, can you post the actual text of the email you sent me and my actual reply? The people reading this thread are intelligent enough to draw their own conclusions. Thanks.

Omg Omg someone should report Seun Osewa to the police, he is a 419er. guys i have discovered very interest things about what he does with his users details, those of you with your emails with him and have thesame pass words as your Nairaland passwords are in trouble. Anyone who has recently receieved email queries from the admin of Nairaland pls report this to your internet provider asap. I tried to notify you all in NL but he removed my post. He is being looked into now and he m ay get shut down in the UK . More to come.

i think walking away from nairaland did not solve any problem. on the contrary nairaland lost an important member and you lost an important forum. qui bono(who gains)? nobody. i do believe you acted in annoyance but u see anger achieves little or nothing. u could have remained. banning is just for a few days. u could have remained and continued to oppose without using abusive language.


Unfortunately, Nairaland is run by an illiterate (Seun), sole

Majority of the members are illiterate who are very ignorant. They share same views with Seun and they dislike educated people. Dull forum run by uneducated man and attended mainly by unintelligent jobless people.

Seun will ban you if he identifies you as being too popular, educated or intelligent. He will ban you if he feels you are gaining popularity in the forum. Not a good place for working class or highly educated people. Avoid Nairaland if you are educated and intelligent.

Like most online forums, Nairaland could be better managed and attract educated people if Seun would appoint 3-4 highly educated moderators among some of the few educated members such as ´McKren, Big B1, Iyke-D, LadyT´.

Seun is making no dime out of the forum as he claimes. It´s a 419 false claim that will get him nowhere. At most, he could be making 50 USD in 3 months via adverts by Nigerian standard. He would do better reselling hosting as he used to, if he has the funds.

If he is a programmer as he claims, he should by now have developed a forum software of his own rather than use a third party software developed by SMF (USA). A FORUM software is simple to develop and can be developed in less than 1-3 months depending on your programming experience.

I am a programmer, software developer and managing 2 own companies in Europe. I have been in the Internet business since 1997 and I think Seun is doing a little good job but he cannot succeed the way he is going about his little business with false claims, arrogance and complete lack of experience.

He should collaborate with educated people to run the forum and don't exaggerate or falsify his successes. At this time he does not have many members as he claims but he may already experiencing cost problems due to bandwidth consumption. I can only forsee failure and closure as the members grow in future and he will be unable to cover the cost of hosting bandwidth.

I would have offered him a free hosting on my company server but he doesn´t deserve it as he continues to falsify his successes.

Now I am being called a 419er.
Knowing the jungle justice mentality
of my people, this is highly dangerous.
Thanks a million for the help, Trae.

I am a strict admin, and proud of that.

But I do not tell lies to promote my business. I do not lie about statistics, I do not exxagerate anything, I truly have 84,000 members, and I'm not a 419er.

On the contrary, I spend several hours every day deleting posts made on Nairaland by wannabe scammers and get-rich-quick scheme promoters. I deserve lots of praise for this from you. Thanks.

Only a fool would believe unbacked accusations by anonymous cowards. Accusations that run contrary to my character as expressed on Nairaland. I banned them, now they are lying against me anonymously. That sucks.

Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 10:17:25 +0100
From: "Seun Osewa"
To: "coocoo bara"
Subject: Re: Please, delete my profile immediately

Hello Coocoo,

Thanks a million for your email. While you're at it, you need to
revoke your citizenship of Nigeria because Obasanjo was criticized by
his political opponents.

Request denied.

Best Regards,
Seun Osewa.

On 3/19/07, coocoo bara wrote:
> Seun,
> Please, delete my profile immediately from your forum.
> I am disgusted reading the bad comments made about you and
Nairaland at the following sites:
> 1.
> 2.
> 3.
> 4.
> You may wish to ban me or block my IP as I do not intend to return to your site again or recommend anyone.
> I´m gone for good!!!
> Coocoobara - UK (Member for only 2 days)

please give seun a break,leadership is not a popularity contest.He is the leader of nairalandforum.
he deserves our respect for that.
he didnt build the forum to make friends of everyone,but to offer something most of us need-a platform to interact.if you choose to use that platform,then its either his way or the highway.traz,would u like it if anyone turns ur blog into a war zone,would u?i guess at some time you will exercise your authority over that person.same goes for seun,we all cannot 've d same tolerance.cheers

he banned me, ..shit!

Banned you?.............yinka

I no fit laugh.

Just plain craziness lol

its worse now.Nairaland sucks big time now.

I dont want to insult anyone, it is for similar reasons like this that I created my own initially to have a place to post when I am not on nairaland.
Once I was a moderator on Nairaland, and we know how that went. I have put it behind in my past.
For now, I am just a troll on nairaland - anytime them like, make them ban me - i wont suffer much damage.
#peace all.

Mehn, I knew when all this shit happened and i didn't know it went viral to this extent, choiii