Listen to my new song: “From ABJ to UNN”


Gone are the days when all my thoughts were of (I used to dream of) making it in the rap game. You know releasing an album and blowing up big time. Times don pass, things don change. The industry in Nigeria is harsh and unorganized. We’re still very much at an infancy stage when it comes to artist welfare, marketing, exposure and publicity. Plus I guess I just ain’t feeling a rap career no more. I got other plans up my sleeve, but still I’m loving the Hip hop game and culture and will rep it till i die. I now do music for the love of music itself. I like music so I’m taking the once in a lifetime opportunity to express myself and in the process create something other people can listen to and feel.

I was in this state when I did the song you’ll soon hear. It’s the first new shit from me since about two years ago when I did my first two songs produced by Rule Clean. Now I’m feel I’m iller, a better rapper and so much better than I was when I did my first two songs. I studied a whole lot of emcees and switched up my flow considerable. So on this track I’m spitting ill and coming in straight English laced with occasional Pidgin English to get a cool Naija (Nigerian) style. The song is explicit though…contains swearing. I’ll probably head back to studio to do a radio friendly (clean) version.

I cooked up most of the ideas for the song and featured ODC on it. He’s one of the best emcees I’ve seen and really admire in my school. When you think of “hate it love it” The Game and 50Cent, “just a moment”- Nas and Quan, “renegade”- Jay-Z and Eminem, “Sounds Of Blackness”- Modenine and Mo Dogg think of this song. It’s called “from ABJ to UNN”. We’re repping ABJ (Abuja. Abuja is also known as the FCT, Federal Capital Territory) where we from and UNN (the University of Nigeria, Nsukka) where we school at on the chorus. I’m based in Garki Abuja while he’s based in kubwa (KUB) Abuja. UNN students are called lions and lionesses, so the campus is also called the den. It’s good you know this so you’ll understand the chorus (song). On the song itself we talk about the rap game, life and girls plus we’re just generally spitting to show our lyrical dexterity on a beat. The beat was made by E-Zone (my one time partner in rap when I used to perform in campus shows) and finishing touches were added by El-Cee. Chuks was in charge during recording, he also did the mixing and mastering. They’re a trio of guys in my school trying to start their production/studio thing and going under the name “Haunted sounds”. The song was done with the fruity loops software, it’s not of the highest sound quality but it’s good anyway. It was recorded on Sunday the 31st of July 2005. It was fun doing it, you know peeps were around and they were feeling it and giving suggestions when necessary. Chuks finished mixing and mastering it late into the early hours of Wednesday August 3rd 2005.

Click on the links below to listen to it lo or high streamed. I’m in love with the song and I’m sure you’ll like it. I welcome constructive critism.

Play "from ABJ to UNN" Hi or Lo filed/streamed

Hazy Abuja...students chilling in Nsukka(UNN). Props to and for the pics. Damn, when will I get myself a camera phone or a digital camera?

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The song aint bad,i keep listening to it everytime,how i wish i can get the cd,i guess if not for the explicit content,it's suppossed to be on air.Can't wait to see 'ur album out,dawg.
Keep thy heads up
Give all 4ker hot knock
Screw dem ass 2 ur own bunk
U're tight dawg...
Temple of d Immortalz

Am still itching to listen man, aaarrgh!! I guess it's something with connection speed where I browse.

Anyhows, big-ups and am feelin d comments on the NYth forum :P


Trae, o.k I've been there and i did dat, which u wanted to be done.
now my qoitseun is. av You got a lyrics post.

traezy boy lol!! good stuff man. I've been giving this a spin and like it. fa sheezy I'll put a link up. keep it going I can see this growing.


ps: what's good @ the moment on the Naija hiphop scene? the Nigerian section on ain't saying much.

congrats on the accomplishment trae.

This is hotbody
pls send me the track for radio promo
i love your style
keep doing your stuff

Kai, for Hotbody to b here, it means this song is somn. i just have to find d time n listen. Hey Trae, waz happenin?


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