Diary of a mad black man


You’re familiar with the title phrase huh? Well, after we got knocked out of the ACN at the semi-final stage I was mad…sort of sha. In line with that spirit I’ve decided to get a few things off my chest…give a few knocks to people that piss me off. Here goes.

Osaze Peter Odemwingie
Although the goal which knocked us out of the ACN was dubious (offside), Côte d'Ivoire totally outplayed us in the game and deserved to win. If a scapegoat was to be picked for the disappointing match it would be Osaze. He was a big “minus one” in our team, what the hell was Eguavoen thinking? Utaka or Aghahowa should have started at that right wing instead! Osaze seriously limited our impetus in attack; nothing positive came from his wing while he was on the field. I don’t know if it’s the magnitude of the match that overwhelmed him but dude couldn’t hold the ball, make a good pass forward, talk less of dribble. Whenever the ball was with him he either passed it back to his teammate or set off running like a headless chicken till he was dispossessed. Anyways in the end we settled for our usual Bronze so it ain’t all that bad.

2face Idibia
Truth be told, nowadays the only thing I like about 2face is his music. Period…kpom! When giving interviews, doing promos, hyping up the crowd at shows etc the guy simply sucks. All in all he talks like a damn illiterate, he ain’t sharp enough. And that’s too bad considering the fact that at the moment he’s Naija’s foremost musician. You need to hear him answering questions, he always gives wack responses. He mumbles one or two sentences then the next thing you hear from him is “my people, nothing dey happen”. “Yes oh, my brother na God” etc. he’s got the musical talent but he needs to brush up on his intellectual stuff.

Olusegun Obasanjo
Silence they say is golden. But it takes a wise man to know when not to stick to the rule. OBJ’s silence over his purported third term bid is killing me, more seriously it’s heating up the polity. It’s as simple a question as one can ever be asked. I’ve put myself in his shoes to try and ration out if silence is really the wise thing at this stage and my senses tell me it’s not. Why can’t he just come straight like his friend Thabo Mbeki has done. If at the end he’s not dreaming of Aso Rock beyond May 2007 then I’ll say his present silence is one of the dumbest things he has ever done since coming into power in 1999. Postscript: Lamidi Adedibu deserves to be bitch slapped.

Guys who stoop to pee/piss
I don’t know about you and your environment but for me the sight of a guy stooping to piss is quiet a common occurrence in Abuja. And I’ve realized that these guys are almost always Northerners…particularly Muslims. Pardon me but I think it’s un-masculine or bizarre to say the least. Information reaching me is that it’s either these guys are uncircumcised; it’s some religious rule, or both. I like to think of men as conquerors of the world. You should stand and do your thing while surveying your kingdom. Ha-ha, keep Abuja clean.

I’m in a shitty mood, forgive me. Many other people piss me off. But like Nas in his song “destroy and rebuild”:

it’s sooo hard to put a coward’s name in my rap (blog)...

nonsense, not to be obnoxious kid/*** for the record you could suck my ****/

Anyways it’s valentine in a few days. So like Georgy Porgy I’m giving all the sweet ladies who read my stuff a big cyber kiss, and like OBJ I’m giving all the fine gentlemen who regularly bust through my lines a warm cyber handshake. Peace and love in Africa!

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LMAO at 2Face & OBJ's! :D :P

Obj got too much eggs stuck in his mouth, he cant say it. He shd get back to his farm now that AVIAN FLU is in the country.

I believe osaze did what he could. Nsofor on the other wing didn't do much either. if you look carefully, it was down to the tactics of henri michel. out wings were cut off - plain and simple.

BTW, Idibia already laid a caveat when he sang in Nfana Ibaga [No Problem]:

Just because say I no finish school
some people dem take me for a fool...

So u shouldn't be surprised with all the "Yes O, na God o!" :P Any time I remember your blog I just grin wickedly! *LOL*

I mourned the woeful performance of the boys as well, definitely outplayed..but it still hurts like hell.

I tot 2Face was rumored to be a student at Unilag at one point?...Aint he the dude from plantashun boyz?..... But I wouldnt see what prob you have with ppl stooping to pee for religious reason. Aint mallam though!!

lol. tell em why you mad son... poor eagles :/

obasanjo... hm... wonder how much money he's taken. peace and love in africa! (and here, lol)

I didn't even realise you said Drogba's goal was offside. It wasn't. I was there :) When Drogba received the ball, my first instinct was that it was ridiculously offside. But after the goal, I looked at the replays in a tv screen behind me. Very much onside, Enakarhire wasn't concentrating. He was the weak link in the team, or as someone put it, the missing link.