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A lot of bad stuff has happened in the past months: Katrina, Tsunami, London bombings, Bellview-Sosoliso crash etc. And being that they didn’t directly affect me I’ll be like: “nna na wah oh, which levels na. Nothing do me sha, so no le le”. In line with that the bird flu stuff came and I didn’t really pay attention to it. Then all of a sudden I heard it has spread to Kaduna and even down to Abuja. The news finally hit me in the face when the FCDA (Federal Capital Development Authority) Development Control Department visited our street on Thursday 16th February. You see our Neighbours rear chickens, turkeys and goats in their backyard…while we (my mom to be specific) have a garden in ours. Who ask you sef? Ajayi work, no payment. Ok back to the story. Because of the bird flu scare, rearing of birds has been banned in residential areas in Abuja. Thus our neighbours are by law in the wrong and the FCDA guys came to set things right. Like joke like joke they raided our neighbours chicken coop dry! They took the chickens, dipped them into some chemical (most definitely poisonous) and then stuffed them in a bag. I felt our neighbours pain; another source of income gone in these hard times. And according to madam, she devoted a very large part of her salary into the poultry project. Now all her labour amounts to nought. I’m sorry if this is dumb. I know we gots to be careful and all, but them birds sure did look very healthy. It makes little sense to just kill them all like that. Me thinks they should have been taken alive, tested for flu and those healthy be returned to their owners or killed and stored in some government abattoir. The government’s say is final sha so I guess no more chicken meals for us. Oh well, who cares. I’m too broke to be a fast food addict (Biggs, Tantalizers and the likes). Ha-ha. The chickens were counted though, so there could be some compensation (maybe monetary or in form of chicks) in the offing.

I’ve always wanted to have a customized T-shirt/jersey. I’ve finally done so, thanks to the artistic brain of my main man Kenieflex. Picture taken February 15th.

Shorty calls me TRAE baby, the ABJ representer/
You know I love the ladies, give me chance and I go enter/
Brought up in the eighties, a real intercontinental/
Restless like I’ve got rabies, man I’ve seen both heat and winter/
Super Eagles shriner, I love Agha and Utaka/
I’ll turn down a Pathfinder for a chance to get onliner/
I hear music my head scatter, like hip hop, rock or even samba/
Rugged like an okada, fuck with me, o boy your father!/

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You mean no trial before passing death sentence on the poor chickens?

It is miserable to be a chicken. I feel for them, I mean I feel for the hapless owners. Anyway, I pray they will be compesated, otherwise, this bird flu will be an ill wind that blows poverty for the poultry farmers.

The flu thing has sure got a political undertone. Its either the leaders want to 'chop' the financial aid that WHO would grant (had granted) or its a biological weapon used by terrorist against us.
It still baffles me how bird flu would pick Nigeria out of all other african countries or even those nations nearer asia.
Those migrating birds dey waka o.

Hmm... what can the poor people do now? Nothing, so unfortunate!.. My family got tons of birds as well, stil speaking the "opata" say hin never reach south west, but ppl go feel am big time. What can they do? Just pray and get over with in no time.

Hope you enjoy ur customized shirt! I knew how I felt when I had one done in '03, parting gift for leaving Nig happy! :D

Nice pic. You got the body thingy going on. Hehehe! Wish you could face us so that we can see your nice abs (six pack).

I feel your pain. My mum has chickens in Lagos as well, chances are it's going to affect them. How the hell did bird flu get to Naij?

See ya "Ogo" *LOL* :P Your tee looks good.

I'm not scared about the flu...I even had chicken in my lunch at Tantalizers last week with a buddie. SO it's all good. But it's unfortunate that your neighbors' birds went just like that. They should've tested them, yeah...btw, as long as the birds have been in town for a longtime and hadn't been brought in recently, they should've still been given a chance.

Man must survive sha... :D

Nice pic man. holllllllllllllaa