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Nah nigga I don't know, I don't know who got you/
I don't know who stabbed you, I don't know who shot you/
I don't know who cut you, I don't know who robbed you/
But you think I know cause you know how my squad do/

That’s 50 Cent on “I don't know officer”. You dumb fucks out there ain’t got nothing on me.

You might have recognized that I’ve been firing from all cylinders in the past few hours; forgive me. It’s just that a recent post on naijablog got me all angry. Dude a.k.a. Mr. Nigeria is at it again. He’s straight misinterpreting and dissing a chick, same thing he did to me some weeks back. Such stuff makes me want to ask him to hold his peace and leave the country if he hates it so much. In my case he started the whole falsities and then his good friend Black Looks took over. And man it hurt so bad. Black Looks a.k.a. Mrs. Activist (In reality she sucks at it. Her whole blog is a joke. Straight copying, pasting and summarizing. You’re a news editor now huh? Mam if you have nothing original to say I suggest you stop blogging) went ahead to brand me as being homophobic (for your info I do dislike homosexuality but I’m not exactly like “kill all homosexuals”) and misogynistic…one who’s canvassing for the raping of lesbians. She did the branding in posts and comments on her blog and on her beloved Global Voices Online. It just wasn’t fair at all. An apology would be a good way to start setting things straight.

Away from that now. I was going through my blog news aggregator like I love to do and stumbled upon this “soul on ice” post. Obi I’m totally with you. It reminds me of one of them Christian pamphlets I read recently. Story goes like this. There once lived a pastor and his son. They usually made the evangelism rounds together distributing pamphlets and preaching the word. Then came this very cold winter morning; dad opted out of the walk but son volunteered to do the rounds alone. As he was on his rounds he came to the house of an old widow. Son knocked, knocked and knocked until she finally opened her door. Son does his delivery and leaves immediately. Next Sunday widow goes to church to give a testimony. Says she was heartbroken over her hubby’s death, after which no one cared for her. Thus she was about committing suicide until son’s persistent knocks made her to go attend to the door. Son’s cheerful smile and the pamphlet he gave her with the bold title “God loves you” made her change her mind and give her life to Christ. Bullshit if you ask me. Very unrealistic to say the least. Can you imagine someone who’s really depressed suddenly change her mind for three words and a smile (most likely a fake one at that). Christians should stop spreading this “God loves you” stuff and instead start spreading the word “we/I love you”. What does a depressed person care about God? God that he/she cannot see. As is said: "God lives in us", therefore if we really care for her we would tell her that we love her and really try showing it to her in our words and actions. Also the habit of trying to make converts with "the world is coming to and end and damnation stuff" is straight bullshit. that’s intimidation. The main message should be that one should be good because it’s good to be good and not because one could otherwise perish in some eternal fire.

Enough said, I’m out

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Hi Trae

you'll have noticed I didnt respond to your abuse nor did I delete your comments on my blog. Life is too short to get abusive - and Nigeria needs all the help it can get from people like you, me and others. If you're in Abuja, give me a shout - you know where i am! I think we're due for another beer..

Just stumbled on your blog and came to your latest entry (will read through the rest later). Your said mr nigeria and Mrs activist accused you of been homophobic when you're not. Yet you go on to say 'I dislike homosexuality'. Remember most homophobes dont want homosexuals dead, they just don't like them. Lets put your argument in reverse: I dislike black people but I am not a racist because I don't want them dead. I think you're homophobic. Be a man and accept it and then look for how you can defend and construct arguments in support of your views.

I think you are the one that needs to apologise - first to yourself (for holding your views) and to all the homosexuals in the world.

But your language is fresh, so continue writing.


Mr Trae!! internet beef e sweet you oooo!!!! lol!

yeah the jehovah witness and the likes require the listener takes a simplistic view. it's in the bible so it's true. don't even query it. accept it verbatim. i always let them try.

a sign of peace has been extended. dont hesitate. regardless of any past on goings - at the minimum agree to disagree. sometimes you'll be wrong other times right. sometimes you wouldn't be given a chance to explain what you meant. points of view do and will clash. and remember there is a good reason people visit your blog of the millions of blogs out there. they certainly care to read about your point of view. probably important to them. take nothing to heart.

peace and equality

@Sancheze: i didn't say i dislike homosexuals i said i dislike homosexuality. two different things man. as Godfrey Daniel said: Recognizing that homosexuality is a perversion is not "homophobia". go figure it out. anyways lets do away with this beef and homosexuality talk. i'm done with it...for reals.

@Jeremy, Sancheze & obifromsouthlondon: thanks for every.

Ahum...(clears throat slightly)

Thinking……hardly thnkn now….. Argh! Give up..

Trae, I can see your line of argument, but 'God Loves You' is a statement of fact, and most people accept it without questions.

Have you ever considered being a preacher? You will make a good and successful one judging from your strong persuasive power and way of attacking spiritualities. Think about it.

I support Mr. Adeboyo's suggestion. You could make a lot of money in that line of business! ;)