Children of the corn

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So I’ve been nine to fiving at a radio station for a week now. How’s it been? Ok…yeah ok. The highs: for a starter the free fast steady Internet access...yeah definitely that. Funny thing is that in Naija it’s the exception rather than the norm. The experience and knowledge being gained…priceless. It’s really a good way to set going in the industry. The music…music-library, damn! Songs I’ve being dying for are now suddenly all at my feet. God bless me! As for the lows…my friend you don’t wanna know.

During the week Chxta came through; second time meeting up with him. Along with his buddy funny-pimping Oria had fun moving round the city center. Something I hardly do, not that I ain’t outgoing but I’ve got other shit to deal with so I often don’t bother. See the pic below…cool!

Children of the corn: Oria, Chxta and TRAE

A man’s giving a speech at an occasion and he wants to talk about his wife and all that comes out is “and to my beautiful/lovely wife…”. Might not bother you but me thinks giving props to your wife with the only or first compliment being that she’s beautiful is kinda dumb…worldly. I know when it comes to marriage/relationships I’ve got my priorities in ladies well ordered. But for every other runs the dick/eye does the ordering. You know as men the first thing we see in a girl is beauty. If that’s covered then we look at other things…intelligence, humour, manners etc. Poor girls, gots to look their best 24-7 and touch their toes for pot-bellied guys. Talking about beauty fuck all the guys who say that Kemistry is ugly. For me she’s the best female Nigerian rapper I’ve ever heard. A listen to her song “shake ft Terry G” confirms that.

Stereotyping and tribalism is a bitch. We might not want to admit it but we’ve all got it in us to some extent. Hate it when Nigerians go into the tribalism debate. It’s all childish and unproductive cos in essence no one tribe is better than the other. It’s like arguing which are better, red or green apples. Blame the stereotypes in us on our parents, the society and the media that brings us up. Somebody tell me what the fuck you feel when you read this from a teenager on Nairaland in a thread where the aim is to declare your tribe:

uhhh?? Me Igbo?? Tufiakwa! (no offence to the igbo’s oo). But i am not Igbo.

Tufiakwa = “God forbid” in Igbo.

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Truly priceless, make sure you keep for your grandkids to see...

Meanwhile, Oria seems to be the one that is really getting into it (both hands and the corn on his cob is almost all gone) LOL!!

Yo good shit ma dude!! Post more pics I wanna see how life could be for someone at a radio station in Naija.

i second that kelechi - more pics on what life is like in a Nigerian radio station.
AGBADOOOOO!!! for real man, what i'd give for some bolly and epa right now.
"my beautiful wife..." maybe she just wants to be regarded as his barbie and not "his living clever barbie". to some beauty is the ultimate compliment - sod brains.

nice work with the mouth organ...nice pic so glad u finally got ur degree..good for u...oh yeah and hows the radio thingie...must be great to have acess to a whole lotta songs...i know id be luv!

aww men, this shit's vicious ...

mehn! i miss the good old days of agbado. it must be cool working at the radio station, just make sure u don't play rubbish jams oh! Anyway, about the guy that described his wife as beautiful, beautiful might not just mean his wife's pretty face or nice shape. From a gal's point of view I think he means beautiful all round asin inside and out, she's beautiful to him in the morning when she wakes up with scattered hair and puffy eyes and not just when she's all made up.

Great pic...hope your internship goes well

Good look on the radio gig. truly a step to the future. saw the pic on chxta's blog. children of the corn indeed. miss that.

yup! we put the honeys under pressure. gotta always look good. aight of to the gym to dead the pot belly.

This picture still intrigues me -- right from when I encountered it on Chxta's blog. It's probably because there's no opportunity here to taste those wonderful roadside stuff -- coconut, corn, 'pear', suya....

I'd better leave before I oversalivate.