Calling on Northern perfectionist

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Where are the Northern Nigerian intellectuals? The question came to mind after reading two articles from The Nigerian Village Square; which by the way is an excellent site. Someone might argue that the south controls the press and so the North is suppressed but what about the internet? It’s supposed to be no mans land but surprisingly of the blogs, forums and Nigerian portals I read input from people of Northern extraction is often minimal. Even a look at the Nigerian diaspora in Europe and Northern America suggest that numbers from the north are but a handful. Or could it be that since the North is predominantly Muslim they prefer the Arab countries? Or maybe it’s the simple mathematics that since they’re less literate there are subsequently less intellectuals? I might be going up North in a few weeks’ times so maybe I’ll find out for myself.

In light of the fact that a number of the Nigerian bloggers I read recently spoke on religion I’m seizing the opportunity to say my own religious bit. If one was born a Christian he’d love Christianity and think it’s the one true religion. If born a Muslim he’d love Islam and think it’s only way to go. Likewise if born a pagan like in the days of our forefathers he’d love his gods and think that’s the shit. Crazy ain’t it? But bro the fact is that religion is like college fraternities. You join and subsequently follow the rules of whichever you choose. All have unity in mind, all worship the same God and all have their various highs and lows. In fact the biggest bad of religion is that all claim to be un-contradictory and perfect as a way of life when in fact none is perfect. Don’t get me started on the imperfections, Google is your friend. The funny thing is as much as they have contradictions we still need ‘em. So do your thing people; for me I’ll most likely be found in the Catholic Church.

When it comes to male-female stuff it’s often the guy that initiates the topic for discussion and then both get chatting (especially when they’re at the getting to know each other stage). But there’s room for exception, we love a girl who keeps us captivated, listening, laughing and going with her flow. In fact I really hate it when a girl calls me and has nothing to say; you know expecting me to dictate the flow. Bitch you called, speak to me, stop making me look like a jerk, I’m not Dave Chapelle you know, I don’t get paid to talk. Wallahi such stuff makes me want to decree that if you ain’t calling me about money (money coming to me, if you’re a guy) or sex (if you’re a girl) then don’t bother calling me.

Perfection can only be found in football, music, pictures…things of that sort ;)

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Hahahahahaha! Wetin u de find go up North!? Wurr xactly u headed and when?? Well, I hope you'd come back in one piece. I could be wrong though, but I've held that one perception that Northern Naija peeps, if they'd have to go abroad, travel to the muslim Arab countries cos they believe the West is evil. You find sporadic popn. of them in the US and UK, though. But generally, a might number of them go to the Mid East.

So true about the girl thingy o'er the phone. But bros, I just wan hala u oh, dis one wey u say make no one call u again if no be for money yarns! :P

One luv! ;)

The typical Nigerian northerner dislikes western civilisation, denoting them as corrupt or evil. Internet, forums and chat rooms are no exceptions.

I think the problem is more pronounced in Nigeria, because I know some professional forums where muslims from the Middle East are active posters or administrators.

can't imagine a northern diaspora anywhere. it's like we are from different contintents forced into one space.

harsh man lol! same here though. don't call me expecting to fill airtime.

Fascinating…Just one of those things you never focus on until it is raised. One to keep an eye on, just to see if I can spot a large number of Northern bloggers.

However check

Perfection can only be found through football...nothing else.

@Josh: for Youth Service man. early September i'll actually know my fate.
I'm just kidding about the phone thing, you know i love you all.

@Ababoy: yeah gamji seems to be run by the North; good on them it's a great site.

Erm you are looking for the northern intellectuals then you crossed over to the muslims,saying you noticed some religious stuff, basically the first thing that came to your mind was the north= muslim? . what a sorry country you live in. its either igbo,hausa,yoruba this. or xtains vs muslims, black vs white wake up man n make more sense seems you were sleeping