The future is now the present

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Two extra years in UNN, partially my fault/
But fuck it I’ve now got my statement of result/
Enough lessons learnt, give all praises to Jah/
NYSC next level, come September I ja/…one!

Interpretation: I’ve now OFFICIALLY joined the prestigious group of people with a first degree from UNN. I sent the above sms to some friends. Here’s my favourite reply; it’s from Stanclef:

Your next target, the labour market/
You’ve got your statement, the future is now the present/
Get a job, get married and raise rugrats/
Finally hommie congrats/…go get high

So I’ve got two months before service, seems I’ll be interning at one of the radio stations in Abuja. Let’s see how it goes.

Catherine: What do we do now, Nick?
Nick: Fuck like minks, raise rugrats and live happily ever after.
Catherine: Hate rugrats.
Nick: Fuck like minks, forget the rugrats, and live happily ever after

One of the classic movie quotes/last lines. It’s from Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas’ Basic Instinct. Talk about being pussy whipped.

WorldCup ’06…it’s almost over; just had to put in some of my observations. Have you noticed the alarming number of early goals scored in this tournament; particularly in the group stages and in the second round? By early goals I mean goals scored in the first ten minutes, and to be precise in the fourth minute! It almost became a ritual, game kicks off and I’m looking at my watch. Four minutes later, pronto! The net is shaketh. It’s really that easy…or is it?

Have you also noticed the glaring similarity of team jerseys? I swear it’s annoying; uniqueness has been thrown to the winds, as except for colour teams now wear virtually the same jerseys! There was no difference between the white jersey of the Swiss and that of the Tunisians. Both teams were kitted by Puma (the main offenders in this case) who kitted a total of twelve teams at this finals, all with the same design template. What ever happened to the good old France ’98 days when each team had a completely different jersey design from the other even if kitted by the same sports company? Uniqueness is a much cherished human value…what more when it comes to national pride it goes without saying.

Johan Djourou of Switzerland and David Jemmali of Tunisia

Has anyone resident in Nigeria being having GSM voicemail issues? Well I have, but this article really put me through. You might want to check it out. Just know that the default voicemail number for Globacom is 0805111 and that of VMobile is 08020100155.

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Congrats, once again on confirmation! :)

I thot I was the only one digging that line from the movie "Basic Instinct"'s a bold movie!

Humph, I'm still having issues with activating my VoiceMail Box with Glo...same "technical issue" that never gets resolved. And I checked out the article...only shows info on "Forwarding", which isn't what I want [hint: had a bad experience doing it on my MTN vis-a-vis my credit being chopped off with every "forward" to my Glo]. I want the calls trapped on my own VoiceMail Inbx...ho hum, if u figure it out, do hola at your boi!

Go Les Blues! :)

HAHAH Basic Instinct was the ish* when we were younger...everyone had to watch it even though we knew we werent allowed lol...and SLIVER and 9 1/2 WEEKS

@Josh: had the same activation problems with my Glo but all of a sudden (about two weeks ago) it ceased and i got activated.

you didn't read the page well, those are the codes for forwarding to your own VoiceMail Inbox. you can forward to your inbox if Busy, if Not Answered and if Out of Reach.

congratulations men!if u get on radio u knw im gonna give yu a hola fa sho'.....

So you'll soon be dancing under the sun or in the rain...

Congrats Trae, and welcome to the labour market, that is, after your NYSC. Meanwhile, enjoy yourself before raising rugrats.

congrats trae.
Goodluck in your internship my dear!

Do you know anyone that goes by the name of "Prof" in UNN?

Hey, congrats on the whole NYSC thing. Can u pls keep me posted 'cos I plan on coming home to do the whole NYSC trip, and I would like know what I might be getting into in the near future.

Congrats trae on finally getting the degree. I know first hand what that feels like, you see I also had two extra sessions before getting my degree. I thnk it makes one apreciate the degree more. It certainly did for me and it also makes me proud that i finally achieved it and the lessons i learnt during those bad times are priceless and i wouldn't trade it for the world.
On the NYSC don't worry since you're ibo you're either coming up north or going west unless you leg it sha. But don't worry it'll be fun just be optimistic and be determined to have fun and you'll find that you will you might even get "some" if you're lucky and not averse to doing "it" on the parade ground.I'm thinking of writing a post on surviving orientation and the NYSC it'll be fun to write.
Congrats on the internship as well. Looking foward to passing the Khaki to you guys we're passing out on the 17th of August so i guess you guys will be coming in on the 5th of september or so. GoodLuck
P.S. Please i beg don't dream that kain dream for me o. You are only allowed to dream about me getting a job in Oil and Gas or Telecomms in V/I okay? No KD business abeg. When you get up north you'll understand why.
Anyways Good luck on your posting.

@Nneka: i'm sorry there are "a million and one students in UNN". besides i've had enough of that school, wanna avoid it like a bad habit for the next year or so.

@RJ: checkout this site designed by my bro. it'll be really helpful.

@Adunni: my sister it's good to know we're on the same wave length. thank you jare.

trae..... congrats....
i hate minks.. but how u gonna raise rug rats without the minks.....

ur boy ( me) will be in 3rd year by nov. boy!! i go soon fall out with out any xtra year.. Nebo NO DEY FEAR!!!